Low season in Comporta

We know that Comporta and its surrounding villages are very popular in the summer. Without a doubt it is an excellent destination to spend your vacations with your family or friends. Comporta has an extension of sand and beaches for all tastes and the views are breathtaking. The most well known beaches have parking facilities and restaurants or beach clubs full of charm for a good meal or the expected cocktail at the end of the afternoon.

However, in winter there are other activities to do! Discover with us the best things to do in the low season!


What to do in Comporta in low season

The offer of activities such as horseback riding on the beach, boat rides, exploring the dunes in the “comporta” style with a vintage land rover, surfing, paddle boarding, yoga massages, spa, tennis, among many others and the quality of some restaurants are part of the trip and everyone looks for these experiences in their vacation days.

In the low season, the truth is that not all restaurants are open (a few of them are seasonal) and not all activities are possible (if the sea is stronger, surfing is impractical, for example).

However, Portugal has one of the sunniest winters in Europe and so visiting the area in the low season can be even more relaxing than in more popular months. And depending on where you are from (country), you may consider the weather in Portugal to be fall rather than winter, or spring rather than fall.


Although many restaurants are seasonal, it doesn’t mean you don’t have options. The best thing? You don’t need to book in advance. Know the best places to eat in Comporta. The activities (although not all are possible), are easy to book and let’s admit, since it is a less crowded period, nothing like horseback riding on the dunes on a completely empty beach whose marks left are the horse’s paws in the sand. A dream no?

Of course, laying your towel on the beach or diving in the sea may not be guaranteed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have lunch/dinner or simply enjoy the beach in the off-season.

In winter, Portugal, most days always have sun rays, so believe me, even if it is winter or colder, it is still a moment of pure relaxation.

Another good reason is that you find more availability in accommodations and at less competitive prices. So you have much more choice and you don’t have to book nine months in advance like is necessary to do it for the summer months.

Are there mosquitoes in Comporta?

Yes, Comporta in the summer (July and August) are the months with the most mosquitoes. In the low season, mosquitoes will not be a problem. Another good reason to bet this season.

Is Comporta worth a visit in low season?

Comporta and its surrounding villages are unique places. Whether in summer or winter, the greatest essence is peace and tranquility. It is for those who like to feel that time stops, for those who want to relax and rest. It is the ideal place for a true retreat. This region is definitely worth experiencing.


There is an increasing offer of houses with all the identity of the region, such as thatched roofs and pergolas with all the comfort and stunning views. The Alma da comporta holidays houses are prepared with a fireplace and unobstructed views of the rice fields. The noise you hear? Only from nature and the birds that fly over the rooftops. It is also possible to find a few hotels in Comporta, many of which are well known and have all the hotel services.

What is the rainy season in Portugal?

Knowing the best time to go is important, because it always depends on what you are looking for. But you should know that it is also possible to enjoy it in the low season and on rainy days (see the article what to do in Comporta when it rains). Rainy season usually is in November-December in Portugal.

If your goal is to recharge your batteries,  Comporta is definitely the place to go!