Authentic houses, nestled in the heart of nature, with hotel service and tailor-made experiences for you to spend unforgettable moments.

Alma Da Comporta

In the beginning

Alma da Comporta was born from a love story, that of Charline and Antoine Gurwitch for Portugal and, more precisely, Comporta. Lovers of this destination with its preserved charm, they immersed themselves in its history, its culture and its art of living. They first started a blog to share all their addresses. Then they started to dream bigger and imagine their ideal vacation home. Other houses have come to enrich the collection with always the same desire: to respect the spirit of the place and create houses conducive to real moments.

Today, the Alma da Comporta spirit extends across a whole collection of houses and cabins, nestled in the heart of nature, nourished by culture, and enriched with hotel services. Properties to discover and experience.

Nature at heart

A hidden treasure, long kept secret by regulars, Comporta has developed outside the world and its frenzy. The rice fields, the pine forest, the wild beaches which border the Atlantic Ocean now constitute its essential assets. In the same way, respect for nature is at the heart of all our architectural thinking. Built by Portuguese architects and with local materials, our properties integrate perfectly into the landscape, blurring the lines between inside and outside. Our guests can then live immersed in the surrounding nature, without ever compromising on comfort or privacy.

The art of life

Beyond nature, Comporta is also a destination renowned for its architecture, craftsmanship and art of living. Many decorators have found their inspiration there and left their mark. There’s no need to show off here. Luxury does without opulence. Elegance is relaxed, without artifice. Lovers of this art of living, we have designed all our properties with a form of obviousness by focusing on beautiful local craftsmanship, quality materials and certain bold but never free choices. Staying in an Alma da Comporta house means staying in a house that already belongs to your memories.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to reconcile the privacy and comfort of private properties with real hotel services to be adjusted according to your needs. From your reservation until the day of your departure, we support you to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

Towards a new type of hospitality

Alma da Comporta is the promise of feeling good, at home, in an obvious and spontaneous way, while benefiting from hotel services. It’s wanting to slow down, connect to yourself, your loved ones, nature and come away transformed. It is a modern vision of hospitality, adapted to the values of our time, for today’s tribes where authenticity is better than artifice, where being takes precedence over appearing, where comfort does without opulence.