What to do in Comporta when it rains?

Although the Comporta region enjoys good weather throughout the year, it sometimes happens that a few raindrops can be seen during your stay, especially in February-March. In fact, winter in Portugal is sunnier than in most European countries.
Essential for local agriculture, this rainfall helps to shape the green landscapes of the Alentejo, between rice fields and forests. They also allow you to concentrate on the many indoor activities in Comporta, whether cultural or relaxing. Focus on the best things to do in Comporta when it rains!

A day of treatments in beautiful spas in Comporta

Reconnect your body and mind in the spas at the Sublime Hotel de Comporta. All the treatments offered are based on natural local products, such as rice, sea salt and even plants grown in the organic garden. Body wrap, body scrub, detoxifying mask are just some of the possibilities for a detoxifying and wellness session.

Another option is the tailor-made services of the therapists at the Hotel Quinta da Comporta. Depending on your needs, they prepare a blend of essential oils to awaken your senses in an atmosphere of calm and pleasure.

A massage at home

For a holistic massage session encompassing the whole body and mind, trust Alina Sosnova! This professional masseuse uses different techniques from classical, Swedish and Asian schools and adapts her approach for tailor-made sessions. Global, her practice combines music, handmade organic cosmetics and essential oils chosen specifically for their relaxing, circulatory or rejuvenating properties. Alina will come to your holiday villa in Comporta, a great way to enjoy the exceptional setting of the house on rainy days.

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A yoga class at home in Comporta

Make the most of your home’s location in Comporta, by calling on a yoga teacher at home for a class in front of the rice paddies! Sheltered from the showers on the terrace or behind large bay windows, you will be greeted by the sun in an atmosphere reminiscent of faraway Asia. A good way to let your spirit escape and enjoy the serene atmosphere of a stay at Comporta.


Lunch in a trendy restaurant in Comporta

Comporta is the new trendy destination for holidays in Portugal. To satisfy the culinary desires of holidaymakers and locals alike, many inventive chefs have settled in the area. Whether in the restaurants of the luxury hotels, in the centre of the village or with your feet in the sand on the beach, you will discover quality tables and inventive cuisine featuring local products. To help you make your choice, here is a selection of the best restaurants in Comporta, to try on rainy days!

A wine tasting when it rains in Comporta

The Comporta region is home to some of the country’s best winemakers. Discover the wineries of Brejinho da Costa and Herdade de Comporta during a visit and wine tasting. You’ll learn (almost) all the secrets of making these sweet, full-flavoured nectars, developed from the grapes of the Atlantic coast. An opportunity to bring back an original souvenir of your stay in Comporta!

Visit the rice museum on a rainy day in Comporta

To understand why Comporta is surrounded by rice fields, a visit to the rice museum is a must. You will discover the history of local rice growing and its traditions in the former rice husking factory. After passing through the exhibition and the various workshops, you can sit down at the eponymous restaurant to enjoy dishes made from local rice.


An excursion to the House of Culture of Comporta

Located in the heart of the village, the Casa da Cultura is dedicated to promoting Portuguese culture and craftsmanship. It is open in the summer and hosts exhibitions of local and national artists. Just next to the main hall, a hall houses a dozen ephemeral shops displaying local handicrafts such as fabrics, bags and shoes. By pushing the doors of the Maison de la Culture, you will combine souvenir shopping with a cultural visit!

Enjoy a fire at home

After all these activities, there is nothing better than relaxing by the fire with a good book. For this, make sure you book a house with a fireplace, like the Alma da Comporta houses.