Comporta offers an ideal environment for taking care of yourself, your body and your mind. It’s a particularly suitable destination for a family holiday. There are many sporting or even spiritual activities available, even for the youngest children: riding lessons and treks, surfing, cycling, tennis, golf etc. To relax and clear your mind, you can take a yoga course in the rice fields, head to the Quinta Comporta spa or even cross the rice paddies on a paddle board.


What to do in and around Comporta

Feel the nature - Feb 2024

Comporta, village with its charm in the Alentejo region in Portugal is a destination increasingly sought after by those who want a vacation where relaxation is the main word. But “relax” does not mean no options for doing anything. Comporta can be calm and busy at the same time. It is surrounded by the charms


Comporta: Exploring the Vicentina Coast in Style

Explore History - Sep 2023

The Vicentina Coast, a mesmerizing stretch along Portugal’s southwestern shoreline, boasts a rare blend of untamed beauty and coastal allure. This region, characterized by dramatic cliffs, secluded coves, and rolling hills, captures the essence of Portugal’s natural splendor. Nestled within this coastal paradise is Comporta, a hidden gem that epitomizes relaxation and authenticity. There are

Surfing Comporta, Portugal

Free your mind and body - May 2023

Portugal with its coastline of more than 900kms of atlantic ocean is definitely the best destination in Europe for surfing! A mild climate, the ocean and long wild coasts — the conditions are ideal for slipping over the waves all year round. Regions like Nazaré, Peniche, Comporta , and sines among others are sought after

Horse riding in Comporta

Free your mind and body - Apr 2023

Comporta is a preserved natural setting, easily and quickly accessible from Lisbon. This region concentrates all the wonders of the Portuguese wilderness, and you will inevitably fall under the spell of the colourful landscapes. The blue of the ocean contrasts with the yellow sand of the beaches and the desert, while the rice paddies in

yoga comporta portugal

Yoga facing the rice paddies

Free your mind and body - Feb 2023

Tomás Mello Bryner began to study yoga in New York before spending several months in the Hridaya Yoga community in Mexico. In 2013, he went to India and followed yoga teacher-training courses in Rishikesh. He is also registered with the Yoga Alliance with a certificate of 500 hours of practice. Where to sleep near Yoga


What to do in Comporta when it rains?

Eat and Drink - Nov 2022

Although the Comporta region enjoys good weather throughout the year, it sometimes happens that a few raindrops can be seen during your stay, especially in February-March. In fact, winter in Portugal is sunnier than in most European countries.Essential for local agriculture, this rainfall helps to shape the green landscapes of the Alentejo, between rice fields


Well-being and spirituality in Comporta

Free your mind and body - Aug 2020

Do you want a complete disconnection during your trip to Portugal? Opt for a wellness stay in Comporta! The peaceful atmosphere of the city holds the promise of a relaxing and spiritual getaway. What sound could be more soothing than the sound of the waves crashing against the fine sand? What colour is more relaxing

Sea activities in Comporta

Free your mind and body - Jul 2020

Take advantage of your holiday in Portugal to go on a sea excursion to Comporta. Protected for their exceptional fauna and flora, the Sado estuary nature reserve and the Arrábida nature park are a must to discover. You will be amazed by the breathtaking scenery and unspoilt nature surrounding the beautiful city of Comporta. With

Summer 2020, what’s new at Comporta?

Eat and Drink - Jun 2020

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, the Comporta region reveals itself as an ideal destination for your 2020 summer holidays. The varied activities guarantee you an unforgettable stay. From relaxing in a spa to lazing on the beach, to cycling or horseback riding, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Sublime Comporta

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