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Sublime Comporta
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Sublime Comporta

Hotel Sublime Comporta is located in Muda, in the heart of a 17-hectare pine forest. Set on the sand, this hotel has been designed to entirely integrate with its natural surroundings. The rooms and villas are scattered throughout this area, among the parasol pines, cork oaks and wild flowers, thus preserving the privacy of each

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Cooking Classes Farm to table, Melides

If you are looking for cooking classes that focus on local and seasonal produce, then book at the “Farm to Table” classes of Antonio & Marta. It is at Melides that they give an appointment to their guests before taking them to an organic farm in Sobreiras Altas. On site, the originality of the class

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Minimercado Matias

The minimercado Matias has been in the center of the village of Carvalhal for many years. Its manager, Joana Matias, has recently renovated it to be able to offer a pleasant place with a wider variety of products. This store is a must for food shopping. Here you will find fresh fruit and vegetables, wine,

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Loja dú Peixe

Being near the ocean makes it easy to find very good fresh fish in Comporta and in the area. For example, Joaquim Santos has recently opened a “loja dú Peixe” in the center of Carvalhal. In this charming boutique, with its typical colmo roof, you will find fresh fish and delicious seafood. Joaquim Santos started

Surfing Portugal
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Surfing in Portugal

Portugal is definitely the best destination in Europe for surfing. A mild climate, the ocean and long wild coasts — the conditions are ideal for slipping over the waves all year round. Follow the waves in a dream settingThe Atlantic Ocean is renowned for its high waves, much-prized by surfers, which come crashing ashore along

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Bargain hunting in Comporta

If you like to use your holidays and free time to bargain hunt, here are some addresses in Comporta which will interest you: Velharias Rua de Alto de Pina, CarvalhalDon’t hesitate to rummage through this warehouse which is brimming with furniture, stacked dishes, books and old toys. The big pieces (such as tables, benches, wagons)

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Tróia Golf

The heart of the Tróia peninsula is home to one of the most exciting and challenging golf courses in Portugal. The primary attraction of Tróia Golf is its magnificent setting. Set right at the edge of the ocean, it boasts glorious views of the beach and the magnificent Serra da Arrábida.  Designed by the North

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The Roman ruins of Tróia

The Roman ruins of Tróia are located on a sandy peninsula, 10 minutes from the city centre. This site surrounded as it is, by the ocean, was once an important complex specialising in the production of salted and pickled fish. It was built in the first half of the first century and was occupied continuously

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Comporta, the kingdom of dolphins

Enjoy a stay in Comporta, discover the dolphins living in the fresh waters of the Sado estuary. Corazon Roazes has taken up residence here at the mouth of the river. About three dozen of these animals live in groups. They were identified for the first time in 1981, and are subject to ongoing monitoring and

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Casa da Cultura da Comporta

The renovation of the former cinema of the village of Comporta and the adjacent rice barn gave birth in 2016 to Casa da Cultura (House of Culture). This cultural establishment, in the heart of the village, aims to promote Portuguese culture and craftsmanship. Temporary exhibitions of artists are organized in the gallery section of the


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