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Visit Sines Portugal

Looking for beauty - Feb 2024

Sines, Portugal, is a coastal city with a rich maritime history and picturesque scenery. Known for its deep-water port, it has played a large role in Portugal’s trade and industry. The city’s historic center exhibits captivating architecture, while its beaches and proximity to the Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina attract nature lovers.


Best time in Comporta, Portugal ?

Looking for beauty - Jan 2024

Portugal’s climate is generally temperate, and the Atlantic influence brings a certain mildness to the country. Summers are hot and dry and the temperature is rather mild in winter for Europe, making it a popular destination for tourists all year round. The perfect time depends on what you’re looking for. There are no bad times

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Hotels in Comporta, Portugal

Looking for beauty - Jan 2024

Looking for a hotel in Comporta in the beautiful country of Portugal? Book a few nights in Comporta, a wild paradise less than an hour and a half drive from Lisbon. If you are in the capital, it is considered one of the best places around Lisbon. For a weekend or more, Comporta offers raw


Winter in Portugal

Feel the nature - Dec 2023

Portugal is a relatively small country with its 10 million people and 92,212 square kilometers of land area. It is a country that lies on the Iberian Peninsula and borders Spain. It has two archipelagos and a coastline of 2,830 km (including archipelagos and islands). Portugal offers stunning landscapes, rich history, vibrant culture, delicious cuisine,


Comporta: Exploring the Vicentina Coast in Style

Explore History - Sep 2023

The Vicentina Coast, a mesmerizing stretch along Portugal’s southwestern shoreline, boasts a rare blend of untamed beauty and coastal allure. This region, characterized by dramatic cliffs, secluded coves, and rolling hills, captures the essence of Portugal’s natural splendor. Nestled within this coastal paradise is Comporta, a hidden gem that epitomizes relaxation and authenticity. There are


Comporta: The Perfect Place to Relax and Recharge

Feel the nature - Aug 2023

Nestled alongside the sun-kissed shoreline of Alentejo, Portugal, lies the idyllic village of Comporta – a hidden gem that has remained tremendously undiscovered via means of mass tourism. Comporta is an area wherein time appears to sluggish down, and the stresses of current lifestyles fade away with every passing wave. Known for its pristine beaches,


Comporta: A Photographer’s Paradise

Feel the nature - Jul 2023

Comporta is a village 1h15m from Lisbon and it is unbelievable how idyllic the landscape is for nature lovers. Comporta is located on the Herdade da comporta, an area of 12.500 hectares and is situated between the Sado river and the ocean. Comporta is one of the best known villages in this region, however all

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Book your Chef at home in Comporta

Eat and Drink - Jul 2023

We leave for Comporta to recharge our batteries and enjoy a unique, wild and unspoilt setting. The Alma da Comporta houses in the heart of nature are perfect to disconnect from routine. Whether by the beach or in the heart of the rice fields, all our villas are an invitation to relax and unwind. To

The best places to eat in Comporta

Eat and Drink - Jul 2023

The discreet and wild peninsula of Comporta is full of delicious restaurants that deserve to be visited for a lunch with your feet in the sand or a charming dinner in town. Discover here our holiday rentals in Comporta. Beach restaurants are recommended for lunch to enjoy delicious fresh grilled fish and fresh seafood. We

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