Apr 2023

Boat trip in Comporta


Is on the Alentejo coast that we will find Comporta, surrounded by beautiful beaches and rice fields, making the whole region an idyllic and very special place. 

Comporta is reflected in the sound of nature, the storks in their nests, the birds singing, its houses in blue and white tones or houses with thatched roofs, its extensive dunes, has excellent and diverse gastronomy, characteristic of the region. Comporta is tranquility, even on the busiest days.

Many people use their vacation days to get to know and explore the region, and practice many sea activities like surfing, paddle boarding or others like horseback riding or renting a vintage land rover.  

Not forgetting that one of the most successful is a day boat and that is the one we will talk about:

One of the ways to get to know this special little town is from Setúbal with a 20-minute boat crossing to Tróia. For those who have already done it, know the Sado river, one of the biggest rivers in the country. The crossing is a great way to start your vacation days in this region. Upon arriving at the destination, we understand that what separates the river from the sea is the Troia peninsula.

And here begins our private boat trip in Comporta with friends or family: 

This peninsula has unparalleled biodiversity. Its beaches of giant sand dunes, the presence of more than 600 species, the forests of rare vegetation that live in the dunes, the different birds or the marine life (whether in the river or in the sea) make this region an unmissable place.

What boat tours in comporta are possible to do?

The boat tours are divided: They can be private or in Tour. Tours can be 1 hour (to get to know the region) or even longer depending on what you want: Private tours have a minimum rental time of half a day (4 hours), with the possibility of renting 8 or more hours.

Prices vary depending on the months of the year.

For private tours: You can do a boat trip in comporta for a certain time and on request you can order lunch on the boat. The larger boats can hold up to 9 people.

Sado River: One of the attractions, especially for children, is the observation of the Sado dolphins, residents of the region. These tours can take up to 2-3 hours. In the summer there is the possibility to stop and dive.  

Serra da Arrábida: With beaches of crystal clear water and some of the most beautiful in the country, there are some beaches that cannot be forgotten. It is a beautiful region of Portugal where the rocks and the green of the mountains mix with the fine white sand and transparent water, creating an incredible scenery for your days.

Beaches to explore: Portinho de Arrábida, Gálapos and Galapinhos.

Sesimbra: One of the famous tours is to “paddle” a little further to this friendly fishing village with breathtaking beaches. 


Sesimbra is located in the southwest of the Setubal Peninsula and has unmissable beaches like Ribeiro do Cavalo. By the way, this is an ideal beach to come and go by boat since its access is difficult (climbing or descending the mountain – medium level and a 20/30 minute walk). However, this effort is more than deserved because it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

The waters are colder but the landscape makes up for it. 

Boat taxis

If you don’t want to be on the boat all day and are just looking for a specific beach, there is always the possibility to ask for a boat taxi. You can arrange a round trip time.

Where to stay in the region:

In this region of Comporta there are a few options for accommodations.  Your well being is part of the adventure and in this region you can find several offers. Meet the vacation homes of the Alma da Comporta, whose landscapes are unobstructed and present all the comfort you need.

Campo-de arroz-comporta

Regardless of the vacation house or hotel you select or the activity you seek, we are sure you will fall in love with the region and all it has to offer!


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