The best places to eat in Comporta

The discreet and wild peninsula of Comporta is full of delicious restaurants that deserve to be visited for a lunch with your feet in the sand or a charming dinner in town. Discover here our holiday rentals in Comporta.

Beach restaurants are recommended for lunch to enjoy delicious fresh grilled fish and fresh seafood. We take our time by observing surfers and fishermen. We enjoy a magnificent view of the most beautiful beaches of the region. The atmosphere is relaxed and the children play in the sand, everything is gathered to have a pleasant time.

For dinner, it is very pleasant to go to the heart of the villages. We enjoy the atmosphere on the terrace where everyone talks to each other to start the evening with a glass of white sangria, then dinner can continue in one of Comporta’s excellent restaurants. Tapas evening, street food, romantic dinner or sophisticated cuisine, the choice is great! With the delights of Alentejo, here is a selection of restaurants in Comporta that are worth your visit.

Restaurants in the heart of the villages

Cavalariça Comporta

Cavalariça is the trendy restaurant in the village of Comporta. This former stable has been transformed into an elegant and beautifully decorated restaurant. The atmosphere is relaxed and warm, you can dine in a box or on one of the large central wooden tables. Chef Caseiro prepares tasty and inventive dishes to share with a Portuguese and Brazilian accent. The cocktails are sharp, original and very tasty, undeniably the best in Comporta.

Cavalariça – Rua do Secador, 9 – Comporta village

Wednesday to Sunday – 13h00-14h30 and 19h00-22h30


Gomes Casa de Vinhos & Petiscos

A sunny terrace for summer, a fireplace for winter, this cosy restaurant is open all year round. Delicious Portuguese tapas are on offer: cheese boards and grilled sausages to share, fresh salads and traditional dishes in small portions. The wine is also carefully chosen.
Ask Adrien for the date of the next fado evening, an authentic and wonderful moment not to be missed.

Gomes Casa de Vinhos & Petiscos – Largo Luis de Camões – Comporta village

From 5pm-10h30pm – closed tuesday

Quinta da Comporta Restaurant

The magnificent restaurant of Hotel Quinta da Comporta offers a splendid view of the rice fields of Comporta. The decor is grandiose and warm. Wood is in the spotlight and blends nicely with the green of the earthenware and rice fields. Chef João Sousa offers a Mediterranean and international cuisine, made up of fresh, natural and regional products. The dishes are original and very tasty. A place particularly suitable for a romantic evening or a birthday dinner.

Quinta da Comporta – Rua Alto de Pina, 2 – Carvalhal village

Monday to Friday
8.00 – 10.30

Saturday and Sunday
8:00 – 11:00

12 noon – 3 p.m.

15h00 – 18h30

19h00 – 22h00

Food Circle – Hôtel Sublime Comporta

The Food Circle is located in the middle of the large organic garden of the Sublime Comporta Hotel. Every evening, 6 to 12 lucky people gather in an open-air pavilion to enjoy a unique menu, based on the vegetables and herbs available in the garden that day. The sustainably farmed fish and pasture meats are sourced from local suppliers. The chefs only use ancestral cooking methods.

Food Circle, Hotel Sublime Comporta – EN 261-1 – Muda, Grandola

Sem Porta

The main restaurant of the Sublime Comporta hotel benefits from a refined décor combining wood with colours and natural materials, such as leather or linen. The room is majestic and the lights are dimmed. Chef David João offers a regional, modern and inventive cuisine. The herbs and vegetables come from the hotel’s large organic garden. The Alentejo wines on the menu are carefully selected.

Sem Porta, Hotel Sublime Comporta – EN 261-1 – Muda, Grândola

São João

São João is the perfect place to discover Comporta’s traditional and family cuisine. Generous dishes based on fresh fish, local seafood and rice are in the spotlight. This Comporta restaurant is particularly popular with locals, so it is advisable to book a few days in advance.

São João – Rua 24 de Junho – Comporta village


Dona Bia

Dona Bia represents Portuguese cuisine par excellence. Grilled fish, granulated potatoes, fresh prawns in juice… it is a real paradise for lovers of seafood and family stews. This restaurant in Comporta is a must that you will find on the EN 261 towards the exit “Praia Torre”.

Dona Bia – E.N. 261 – Torre, Comporta

Be Comporta

A colourful café / restaurant with a terrace at the end of a charming dead end at the entrance to the village of Comporta. Dishes, snacks and breakfasts are fresh and balanced, and pastries are delicious.

Be Comporta – Rua Dom Afonso Henriques – Comporta

Museu do Arroz

If you visit the Museu do Arroz, you must stop at the restaurant next to the museum. It is one of the oldest in Comporta. Located at the entrance to the village, it offers a panoramic view of the rice fields. Rice dishes are of course the specialities of this essential place. Enjoy the delicious fish rice croquettes as an aperitif with a glass of wine from the Herdade da Comporta estate located just next to the restaurant ( Reopens in October 2023).

Museu do Arroz – Estrada Nacional 253 – Comporta village

5 Sentidos

For a wonderful healthy meal, you will feel at home here. The welcome is pleasant and the dishes are Portuguese and regional.

5 Sentidos – Av 18 Dezembro 45A – Carvalhal village

Comida Independente

Excellent products from small producers – quality is part of this concern. Don’t forget to taste the excellent wines too! / Brejos da Carregueira de Cima · Comporta

Jacaré Da Comporta 

Besides the excellent pizzas, music and cockatils are part of this Brazilian restaurant, with excellent food options.

Rua do Secador · Comporta ·/ Tel. 969 457 106


O Fadista

Restaurant with delicious Portuguese food. It has a family atmosphere and the dishes are delicious.

Rua Nova, 13A · Melides / T. 269 907 411

Tosca Melides

With a terrace, the pizzas and pastas are truly Italian! Perfect for long lunches or dinners with music.
N261 2, 7570-454 Melides / Tel: +351 913 429 897

Churrasqueiras & Tascas

Ti Gloria

Ti Gloria is THE “churrasqueira” of Comporta! Known mainly to the inhabitants, do not hesitate to order the tasty marinated chickens from Gloria and her granddaughter that are grilled on the barbecue. To be enjoyed on site, in a village canteen mode, or to take to the beach.

Ti Gloria – Brejos, Comporta 


Mario’s is located in the village of Passanco. It’s a very simple, local restaurant, but offers excellent chicken and other traditional dishes.

Rua do Café, 7580-680, Possanco, Comporta / +351 265 497 143

Street food

Sal Burger

In summer you can taste the best burgers of the region. Juicy and with all the flavour we are looking for. Fresh ingredients! To go with cocktails and fries!


Piadinas Zanotta

In the center of Comporta village you will find Piadinas Zanotta. This is a yellow food truck from London, which has been rebuilt to accommodate on site. Salty and sweet piadinas, Italian specialities, are cooked in this truck. With ham, arugula, pesto or goat cheese and nuts, there is something for everyone! They are to be eaten on site in the garden or taken away.

Piadinas Zanotta – Largo de São João – Comporta village

Pizza Pisco

If you are a Pizza lover, get to know the delicious pizzas and with fresh ingredients of this space in Comporta.
R. do Comércio / +351 918 944 922

Hopefully these suggestions will make your days even more special!

Have an excellent gastronomic experience!