Comporta: A Photographer’s Paradise

Comporta is a village 1h15m from Lisbon and it is unbelievable how idyllic the landscape is for nature lovers.

Comporta is located on the Herdade da comporta, an area of 12.500 hectares and is situated between the Sado river and the ocean. Comporta is one of the best known villages in this region, however all the other small villages around it have their own charm.

How to arrive with the best scenario?

One way to get to this village is from Setúbal (40 minutes from Lisbon) by ferry. Setúbal is a privileged city because around it has one of the most beautiful areas of Portugal. The natural park of Arrábida. Between mountains and hills it is possible to find preciousness of Nature and breathtaking landscapes to beaches of crystalline water and rocks. From Setúbal, you can reach Tróia by ferry. In the summer, the ferry runs every 30 minutes. In just 20 minutes you will find yourself in Tróia and from there in 10 minutes by car you are in Comporta town. As you drive along this specified road you already understand that the scenery is breathtaking. On your left side you will find the Sado river and on your right side the ocean.

The region is famous for its rice fields and consequently for its production. It is in the Alentejo (Portugal’s largest, yet least populated region). The storks with their high nests on electricity pylons or chimneys will be part of your days. The beaches with an extension of 60 kms of sand are many and for all tastes.

Beaches with calmer waters for those who like to swim or paddle board, others that are more rocky for surfing, others with just sand, others with wonderful dunes, others with yellowish rocks to contrast with the blue and crystalline ocean water.

Many people come to these scenarios for horseback riding. Is there anything more fascinating than this ride?

The Alentejo has the most extensive area of forest in Portugal. The low population density of the Alentejo region, the sustainable practices, the rivers, the sea, make this area with a very diverse fauna, presenting species of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians of different sizes and shapes.

To speak of Flora, is essentially to speak of the tree called cork oak, where its cork is internationally sold. There are other trees like the Holm Oak and the Olive Tree which constitute a very own ecosystem of delicate balance.

Comporta Architecture

Comporta and the surrounding villages make this region very sought after for the construction of new projects. However, following the history of this region, once a fishing village, the new developments combine the identity of the place with decorative minimalism and all the necessary comfort. Thatched roofs or pergolas are very common in the new developments.

Many houses can be rented for vacations and the experience is amazing.


Perfect scenery also for photography lovers, as they can capture images of small hotel paradises.

Photographer’s Paradise

This region is a little paradise for all photography lovers. All around nature, every detail is worthy of a “click”.

What to photograph (some ideas):

  • The blue and white tones of the Comporta village
  • Horses on the beach
  • Storks on chimneys and high points
  • Rice fields. If you go by bike, even better.
  • The sunset from the palafitico pier of carrasqueira
  • The river Sado. If you cross it, don’t miss Serra da Arrábida. If you have the opportunity, take a boat trip.
  • The typical fishermen’s houses in the region
  • The diverse gastronomy
  • The dunes and beaches
  • The villages around Comporta village.
  • Restaurants such as “Cavalariça” which used to be an old stable.

We are sure, you will find all the natural elements essential for good photography.  

In this region you will certainly understand the famous expression “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Are you ready for this photographic adventure?