Ferry: How to get to Comporta from Lisbon

Comporta is on the Atlantic coast south of Setubal, and is 1h15 minutes away from Lisbon, Portugal’s capital. Whoever seeks to spend a few days in Comporta is looking for peace and nature. The village, surrounded by the storks’ nests, its blue and white tones is small but presents some options of restaurants, stores and mini-markets. But the most relevant is what the region offers! Since it is on a coast, many beaches can be explored, as well as other villages. To reach this dream destination, and for those coming from abroad, the nearest airport would be Lisbon. To get to this dream destination, and for those coming from abroad, the closest airport would be Lisbon. When arriving in Lisbon there are two ways to get to Comporta. Both routes are 1h15 far away from Lisbon.


Comporta by ferry from Setubal

We start by describing this way to Comporta because it is the most special. If you have the opportunity and time to do it, nothing better than start your trip by ferry. From Lisbon to Setubal is approximately 40 minutes by car. To get to Setubal, a city with its 115,000 inhabitants, you will need to follow the direction of the A2 or the A12 freeway. This is either over the 25 de abril bridge or the Vasco da Gama bridge: the first is Lisbon’s most emblematic bridge where it crosses the Tagus estuary and is the 33rd longest suspension bridge in the world and the second in 2018 was the longest bridge in Europe.When you arrive in Setúbal, don’t miss the opportunity to have lunch in this city. The best fish and fried cuttlefish in the region. Many “Lisboetas”  (people who live in Lisbon) have the habit of coming to Setubal to enjoy the gastronomy that comes from the sea. Very close to Setúbal is the Serra da Arrábida! This mountain range inserted in a natural park has some breathtaking beaches with crystal clear (but cold) blue water.


Some beaches that we recommend: Galapinhos Beach, Coelhos Beach and Figueirinha Beach. If you have time to explore the Arrábida mountains, since you are in Setubal, don’t miss it! You won’t regret it! To Comporta, you will need to take the ferry from Setubal to Troia.

    • Where to catch the ferry: Atlantic ferries: Avenida Jaime Rebelo (Doca do Comércio), Setúbal

    • Departure times: In the winter period usually the ferry leaves every one hour and in the summer every 30 minutes.

    • Crossing time: approx 25 minutes.

For a more comfortable trip, check the schedules and prices on the site itself. A small percentage of the value of the tickets goes to the environmental preservation of the Sado Estuary.


Comporta: How far is from ferry

A crossing on the Sado. This crossing on the Sado River overlooking the mountains and with luck, you might even see dolphins! Yes, you read that right, dolphins! The community is frequently sighted in the waters off Setubal and Troia. Although the crossing is relatively quick (25 minutes) the experience is quite beautiful. A great way to start your vacation in the Comporta region. When you arrive in Troia, more precisely at the place of disembarkation, you must continue your journey by car to the Comporta and region. In 13 kms you will be at your destination and as you are going through national roads you will appreciate the landscape and nature that can already be felt in the region.


How to get to Comporta by freeway

The second way to get to Comporta from Lisbon is by highway. The trip takes about 1h15m and you must take the A2 or A12, as explained above. The difference is that you don’t turn in Setubal, but go straight on until the exit in Alcácer do Sal or Grândola. Both are cities in the Alentejo region. Comporta is in the “Alentejo” region in Portugal – Whether you arrive by ferry or by highway, you will cross national roads that show you a way involved with nature. For your stay to be perfect, get to know the vacation houses that Comporta presents and the best time to go, with all comfort and wonderful views to rice fields. No matter which way you choose to start your vacation – the distance from Lisbon to the Comporta is not far, is  accessible, and the journey can be very enjoyable. Nothing better than starting your vacation that way, don’t you think?