What are the 7 villages of Comporta?

The full name of the region is Herdade da Comporta. It has 12.500 hectares of land and is located between the Sado river and the ocean. Is a charming destination, mixing herbal splendor with luxury. Spanning enormous stretches of pristine coastline, pine forests, and rice fields, it gives a serene escape. Renowned for its unique villas, farm-to-desk dining, and unspoiled beaches, it`s a haven for discerning vacationers looking for tranquility and authenticity. From this whole land, there are 7 villages around and one of them is the Comporta. The other six are: Pego, Carvalhal, Brejos, Torre, Possanco, Carrasqueira.


Let’s talk a little about them: All of them are in the Alentejo region of Portugal. The Alentejo is the largest region in the country, and these villages are practically at the beginning of the Alentejo (for those coming from the capital). Known for its virgin landscapes and lots of cork trees, it is an area with an extension of 60 kms of beautiful beaches and bathed by the Sado river. Comporta’s seven villages offer rustic charm, pristine beaches, local cuisine, vibrant culture, serene landscapes, and welcoming communities to explore.



Pego beach is one of the most famous beaches in the area. With parking structure and the famous Jncquoi and praia na comporta restaurant, it is very popular in the summer. It is also sought after for surfing. The imagine surf school has lessons for all ages and all levels. Pego Beach boasts golden sands, clean waters, lovely dunes, and a tranquil atmosphere. It`s a haven for relaxation, water sports, and nature fans searching for coastal splendor and serenity.



It is a nice village with the essentials. A market with good regional products like the “Matias minimarket”, a good pastry store for breakfast, like the “Tulipa”, a pharmacy, a café to buy fresh bread, a store to buy freshly caught fish or the 5 sentidos restaurant with delicious food. It also has an excellent beach. With parking structure and two famous restaurants. Besides sal (which opened its doors on this beach in 2023), the famous sublime beach club is on the beach of carvalhal. The food is delicious, the beach is immense and with space for everyone. It also has the Surf In School for those who like to surf.



Brejos has been growing more and more. Many constructions are being done and the houses that are built are true works of art (when it comes to vacation and relaxation houses). The beach is unique and even in the summer months it is always emptier. This is due to the fact that its access is not as easy as other neighbouring beaches. However, if you like hiking and crossing dunes, don’t miss this wonderful beach.



The famous restaurant “Dona Bia” is in this village. A roadside restaurant that queues up to try the delicious appetizers and dishes. In the Torre is also the famous “Cavalos na areia”. If you are a horse lover and would like to go for a walk on the beach or in the dunes with idyllic sceneries you already know where to book. When crossing this village you will find many storks in their nests on the electricity poles. A trademark image of the region.



A growing village. Cycling in the rice paddies of the village should be a must. Possanco is very close to the village Comporta and Carrasqueira. It has the famous “Gulato” (handmade ice cream of excellent quality) and a local restaurant with great Portuguese food (O Mário). Exudes rustic charm with its quaint streets, traditional architecture, scenic views of rice fields, and proximity to nature reserves, offering a serene retreat for visitors.



Famous for the street of restaurants, you can find good places to eat the famous “arroz de lingueirão”. Neighbouring the village of Possanco, it is known for its palafitic pier. This remarkable example of popular architecture, the only one of its kind in Europe, was built during the 1950s and 1960s. The harbour served as an anchorage for the fishing boats of the region, a purpose it continues to fulfil to this day. Many people visit it to watch the sunset. With luck, they can buy fresh oysters directly from the fishermen.



The most visited village. The one that gives name to all the others. Comporta is a small village with its shades and whites, characteristic colors of the region and it is common to see storks in high spots, such as on electricity poles or chimneys. It has great restaurants like the cavalariça, Gomes or Almo. The beach is 2 kms away from the village, has all the structure for parking and counts with the “comporta café” with gastronomic options and great cocktails. All the villages are relatively close to each other.


Everything nearby

To give you an idea, if you go from Pego to Possanco it’s only 15 kms. All the other villages are in the middle of the road. This whole region has one main word: peace and quiet. Surrounded by nature, those who come to these villages to spend their days are looking for tranquillity. It really is a unique place with so much to explore. The aim is to lose yourself in all the breathtaking charms. The whole region reveals a mosaic of delights: pristine beaches, fascinating villages, lush rice fields and cork forests. It’s a paradise for lovers of nature, gastronomy and lifestyle.


How do I get to Comporta

Comporta is only 1h15 minutes from Lisbon. There are two ways to visit this region: Either by the highway or by taking a ferry (which takes the car) from the city of Setubal. Of course the second option is always more pleasant and a great way to start your holidays! For more details read our article about how to get to Comporta.


Where to sleep in Comporta

There are a few accommodation options in the region. Get to know our vacation homes with breathtaking views, infinity pools and all the comfort you need for your days and for all seasons. Most of the houses have lived up to the region’s identity and are unique in their own right. Thatched roofs, pergolas and landscape to the rice paddies. There are also a few hotels in the region of Comporta. Nothing better than having this experience in the area and continue to enjoy the peace and quiet of the region, making your days memorable and unique.