Surfing Comporta, Portugal

Portugal with its coastline of more than 900kms of atlantic ocean is definitely the best destination in Europe for surfing! A mild climate, the ocean and long wild coasts — the conditions are ideal for slipping over the waves all year round. Regions like Nazaré, Peniche, Comporta , and sines among others are sought after for this water sport.

Follow the waves in a dream setting

The Atlantic Ocean is renowned for its high waves, much-prized by surfers, which come crashing ashore along the west coast of Portugal. This destination has a large number of particularly famous surf spots (for example, Nazaré and Peniche) which are the dream of surfers around the world.
The 800 kilometres of the Portuguese coasts are full of coves and wild beaches. Doing a road trip to Portugal you will confirm the mild temperatures all year round and the paradisiacal spots for the sports enthusiasts who come to enjoy the waves and the wind, without the risk of crowding each other out.

Portugal surf spots

Where to practice board sports ?
Surfing in Portugal is a very accessible activity because this country offers a multitude of beaches to explore with your board according to your ability and the techniques you want to try out.

Near Lisbon:

Baía dos Coxos, in Ericeira, is frequented by those in the know. The waves are curling and powerful. In 2011 it won the title of World Surfing Reserve, awarded by the US organisation, the Save the Waves Coalition.
Although the conditions are generally ideal and it’s easy to get back in the water, the waves are difficult, like those of Pedra Branca, Reef, Ribeira d’Ilhas, Cave, Crazy Left, Coxos and São Lourenço. However, many surf schools can help and guide you in discovering these famous surf spots.

In Leira district:

Nazaré is renowned worldwide for its gigantic waves. They regularly beat records by reaching over 30 metres high. As you’ll realise, this spot is exclusively reserved for professionals and the most experienced surfers, but the show is worth seeing.
Peniche is known for hosting (every year in October) a stage of the World Surf League Tour: the Rip Curl Pro Portugal. This unmissable competition brings together the best world surfers in a fantastic festive atmosphere.
The ‘Praia dos Supertubos’ beach is a must for its tubular waves. Ideal conditions all year round and an offshore wind allow beginners to make their first slides, and give the most experienced the chance to train to ride the tubes.

In the Algarve:

Praia do Amado is frequented by surfers of all levels. The quality facilities and the many surfing schools make it one of the most popular beaches on the coast.
Praia do Beliche and Praia da Ingrina. The waves roll endlessly on these beautiful beaches of Sagres. Accessible to beginners, they are also good places for dolphin and whale watching.

Surf in Portugal

Comporta Surf:

The wild coast of Comporta, in the beautiful Alentejo region offers magnificent surf spots, still little visited. Whether you are a beginner or already comfortable on a board, the Surf In Comporta school or Imagine surf school can guide you in the practice of this sport. And after class, don’t miss the sunset on the beach.
Ana and Daniel, from surf in comporta or Eduardo from Imagine surf school are well acquainted with the surrounding coasts and the best spots in the area. They have years of experience in surfing and teaching. They rent all the necessary equipment and offer courses for all ages and all levels. It’s an amazing experience to enjoy with family or a group of friends. The best time to go to Comporta always depends on what you are looking for, but any time of year is good to visit this dream destination.

If you are a passionate surfer looking for special days, discover our holiday rentals in Comporta and book your stay in this beautiful place. Take the opportunity to get to know other places on this coast, such as Sines and Melides Portugal with this very active practice.

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