The Best Places around Lisbon

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and has a lot to offer. Known for its 7 hills, wear comfortable shoes because if your goal is to walk you will reach your goal. However, every effort has its reward. The city has magnificent and cinematographic views. It is a city with a lot of history and has many different neighborhoods, museums, monastery, churches, street markets, a castle, many terraces to relax and excellent restaurants. Geographically it is close to other unique places like Sintra, Óbidos or Comporta making it a must to visit.


How many days are sufficient for Lisbon?

Exploring Lisbon entails wandering through Alfama’s cobbled alleys, marveling at Belém’s monuments, and admiring the views from São Jorge Castle. Venturing further afield, Sintra enchants with fairytale palaces, Cascais beckons with sandy beaches, Comporta and Sesimbra enchant with their natural beauty and Óbidos with its village inside a castle.Depending on how many days of your vacation you have, we advise you to book at least 3 full days, but we advise you to book a few more to be able to enjoy the best places around Lisbon.


What towns are near Lisbon?

There are good and excellent options near Lisbon. We leave here our list of the best places near the capital of the country.

  • Sintra
  • Óbidos
  • Cascais
  • Comporta
  • Sesimbra



Is Sintra worth visiting?

Portugal’s fairytale. Just 40 minutes from Lisbon, it is a place with a lot of history and a lot to explore. It is possible to come and go in the same day, but we advise you to choose which palaces or castles you want to visit because it is a very touristy town and sometimes the queues can be long (depending on the month of the year you go). However, it is an unmissable place and almost mandatory for those who are in the capital. Don’t forget to try the “queijadas de Sintra” or the “travesseiros” in the famous cafe “periquita”.


Óbidos – historic town

1h10 from Lisbon you will find this medieval and picturesque town. Surrounded by walls is a village with a lot of charm. It is small and easy to explore. Perfect for getting lost in the cobblestone streets, low houses with blue and white or yellow and white tones. Enjoy lunch on one of the many terraces that the village offers, and don’t forget to try the famous ginjinha de Óbidos. It has a Christmas and chocolate fair every year. Óbidos is a really charming medieval town with cobblestone streets, historic walls, and colorful houses.



27 kms away from Lisbon, Cascais is visited by many tourists. It is a village with beaches and breathtaking scenery. A fishing village that has been gaining notoriety and is now one of the most popular vacation spots. There are landscapes for all tastes, calm beaches for those who want to enjoy or beaches with the necessary waves for surf lovers. It is a town not to be missed. It has jazz festivals every year and other cultural attractions.



Comporta is a village 1h20 min away from Lisbon, either by ferry from Setubal (city 40 min away from Lisbon) or by highway. Check here how to get to Comporta from Lisbon. A village that is growing every year and is becoming the place of choice for most Europeans. In Comporta time stops and everything is harmonious and calm. Even on the busiest summer days, there is still room for everyone. At the beginning of the Alentejo coast, this village of blue and white tones is known for its countless crystal clear wild beaches, for the storks that can be found everywhere, and for its magnificent rice fields.

campo de arroz

From Lisbon, I advise you to take some time off and sleep in the village. Going by car is essential to be able to enjoy the whole region. There are some hotels In Comporta or vacation homes for rent with all the comforts of winter or summer and with obstructed views of the rice fields. An authentic retreat. Yoga, surfing, bike rides, boat rides, paddle boarding are all popular activities.



One hour away from Lisbon we find the village of Sesimbra. A fishing village with beaches in the center of town, however if you explore around you will find places and other breathtaking beaches. From Lisbon, although it is close, I advise you to sleep in the village. However, it is also possible to choose one of the beautiful beaches and make the round trip from the capital. In this area, there is the Arrábida and Setúbal mountains. Serra da Arrábida is one of Portugal’s treasures with unusual vegetation and crystal blue water beaches (although a bit colder). Exploring the region and climbing from Sesimbra to Serra de Arrábida stopping at the beaches is unique and not to be missed.

Best places around lisbon

Portugal is a country that counts with its 10 million inhabitants, relatively small but thanks to its geographical location can present a little of everything.  Lisbon is a fantastic capital and is the starting point for other places. If your destiny is to visit the capital but you have time to enjoy other landscapes, don’t miss one of the villages mentioned above.  Have you packed your bags?  Have a great trip!