10 Top things to do in comporta

Comporta is a place that increasingly arouses the curiosity of tourists, especially Europeans.It is an authentic retreat where peace and harmony are predominant and living a few days of vacation surrounded by exuberant nature is something that makes many repeat this experience. Besides beaches, activities, fairs and the diverse gastronomy that can be found in the region, we leave you with our opinion 10 top things to do in comporta. 

What to do in Comporta


Boat ride on the Sado river

The sea activities in Comporta are one of the most sought after activities. Having the opportunity to go boating with your family and friends is priceless. The river Sado, one of the biggest in the country rises 230m high, in Serra da Vigia and runs for 180 kilometers until it flows into the Atlantic Ocean near Setúbal. The landscapes are breathtaking. It is also in this river that we can find the only three sedentary communities of dolphins in all Europe, which makes this tour even more special. From Troia there is the possibility to tour the Sado River and consequently stop at the Atlantic Ocean if the goal is to take a swim and also go to Sesimbra. Another place with beaches of crystal clear water (but colder) but that will make your day unforgettable.


Exploring and relaxing on the beaches with style

Those who know comporta region, know how important it is to have a car to explore everything it has to offer. Nothing better than a car that crosses dunes and makes your days more adventurous. It is quite common to see this type of vehicle in comporta and it is very sought after by those who love an adrenaline rush on four wheels. Embark on a Land Rover journey through Comporta’s enchanting dunes. Nature unveils a mesmerizing tapestry of golden sands, rolling waves, and untamed beauty. Portugal’s coastal allure, seen from the rugged embrace of a Land Rover, paints a vivid portrait of adventure and discovery. There are now other means such as buggies or quads. The fun is certain! Get to know some beaches in Comporta, the most beautiful places for your vacation days.


Horse riding on the beach

Internationally known figures have made this activity one of the most requested with their publicity on social networks.It is indeed an activity that can be done at any time of the year. If you like horseback riding, imagine doing it on a beach or in the middle of rice paddies or in any other idyllic scenery that Comporta and the region offer. For that reason this is one of the 10 top things to do in Comporta. On horseback, traverse Comporta`s pristine beaches, feeling the rhythmic cadence of hooves withinside the gentle sands. Nature unfolds its secrets and techniques as you journey alongside Portugal’s coastal haven, wherein waves serenade and dunes whisper memories of wild splendor under the sunlit sky.


Cycling in the rice fields

This might be the simplest activity on the list because of its ease and believe me: it is unique. Just as it is possible to do on horseback, the bicycle is an excellent option. It is possible to do this tour all year round and depending on the time we may come across flamingos. Yes, flamingos! The image is unforgettable. The rice paddies are scattered all over the region and some of them are bush cutters to reach the top of magnificent views to the beach.Pedal thru Comporta`s verdant rice fields on a bike, in which the mild rustle of leaves and the perfume of blooming nature surround you. Comporta rural attraction famous itself, supplying a tranquil adventure thru the picturesque panorama of fields and untouched beauty.


Surfing Comporta

The waves are not very big and only a few beaches have surf schools – which becomes a great reason to try it for the first time or for those who like to practice this activity modernly. For kids and for adults. The schools also rent equipment for those who want to be more autonomous. Take advantage and spend a day of your vacation at the beach practicing one of the most famous sports in the world with the crystalline waters the region presents. Immerse yourself in Comporta’s surf culture, where Atlantic waves beckon. Glide across azure waters, feeling the exhilarating pulse of Portugal’s coast. In Comporta, surfing becomes a dance with the sea, a fusion of skill and nature’s rhythmic embrace.

melides portugal

Paddle in melides lagoon

The melides lagoon is near one of the most famous beaches (melides beach) and the scenery is amazing. It’s an activity that requires a bit of balance but certainly enjoying it with this scenery, nothing will be more relaxing for you. Learn more about the secrets of melides in Portugal. Embark on a serene paddleboarding journey in Melides, Portugal. Glide atop tranquil waters, surrounded via way of means of the untouched splendor of nature. Explore hidden coves, feeling the rhythmic paddle strokes echoing the pulse of the Atlantic. Melides gives a non violent haven for paddleboard enthusiasts, in which the ocean and sky embody in ideal harmony.


Sleeping in an authentic property

The new properties in comporta and its region feature a simple style but with plenty of glamour. The goal is to follow the identity of the region, with its thatched roofs and pergolas. However the area presents more and more options to stay. Don’t miss out on the Espírito da comporta summer vacation properties. All facing rice fields, they will make your days, whether summer or winter, more complete and comfortable, making this experience one of the 10 top things to do in comporta. Nestle into serenity, sleep in authentic retreats. Embrace tranquility, surrounded by nature’s whispers. Authenticity and peaceful slumber intertwine in these unique havens.


Sunset in Comporta

This activity is mandatory. Not least because you don’t need to organize or schedule anything. You simply need to enjoy nature’s daily gift. In the summer the orange sky is a real painting. Besides the beaches, be sure to visit the palafitico pier of carrasqueira for one of the most beautiful sunsets. Witness the sun`s descent into the Atlantic, portray the sky with colours of coral and gold. The tranquil horizon transforms right into a breathtaking canvas, shooting nature’s nighttime symphony.Learn all about it in the sunset in comporta.


Taste the region’s wines

As well as nature, getting to know the region means getting to know its gastronomy and its wealth of wines. The wines of the Alentejo (Alentejo is the name given to the region) are varied and cater for all tastes. Apart from the north, this is where Portugal’s best wines are produced. If you’re a wine lover – you’ll be surprised at the quality this region offers. One of the most famous wine tastings can be done at Herdade da comporta. It has rich, full-bodied wines that reflect the sun-drenched landscapes. With deep reds and aromatic whites, Alentejo wines reflect the region’s diverse terroir, offering a taste of Mediterranean excellence.


Try the rich gastronomy

If we talk about drinking, we must take into account the food as well. The delights of the Alentejo.
A region rich in gastronomy. From pork, to grilled fish or the immense seafood you will be surprised with the varied dishes on offer.
Alentejo`s gastronomy is a banquet for the senses, celebrating simplicity and flavor. Indulge in hearty dishes like “Açorda” and “Migas,” showcasing neighborhood bread and olive oil. Savor succulent meats, paired with strong wines. Alentejo’s delicacies embodies a fusion of lifestyle and innovation, inviting you to flavor the essence of Portugal’s culinary heritage.


These are the 10 top things to do in comporta that we think are the most special, however there are many other activities for all tastes! It is a region where nature is the main focus. Even in the summer, being more crowded, there is room for everyone to have a calm and memorable vacation. Know what to do in and around Comporta according to your personality. Have a good vacation!