Autumn in Portugal

In Europe, when we think of vacations, the first months that come to mind are July and August. Many because of the ease of their children’s school vacations, many because they are sure that summer and heat are assured. It is well-founded, however, that in Portugal the climate is so hot during the year that if the first thought is the search for “heat”, these summer months can be perfectly extended. Autumn in Portugal means not so hot days but warm enough to take a dip in the sea, explore wonderful landscapes and make the best of it by not being such a crowded season. A bit like the beginning of spring.

Whether it is the vineyards of the Douro, the beauty of the cities like Porto or Lisbon, the beaches of the Alentejo coast like the Comporta, or the blue sea of the Algarve, we are sure of one thing: You will find the expanse of summer.


Portugal has 300 sunny days in a year. Those that are left over are considered rainy or gray days. This means that even in winter you can get sunny days, and even if you can’t dive into the sea, you can certainly stay on the beach and enjoy the view with a cocktail in your hand. If winter is like this, imagine what autumn in Portugal can offer.

What is the weather Like in Portugal in the Fall?

It depends on which region of Portugal you plan to go – but the further south you go, the warmer the temperature is.
On the Alentejo coast the average temperatures in September and October are higher, as if they were the extension of summer – However the days start to get shorter. From the end of October the temperatures start to drop. The average ranges from 25º to 10º depending on the month.

Is still hot in Portugal in Autumn?

Autumn in sunny Portugal starts in September and goes until the end of October. Last year (2021) in late October Portugal had temperatures around 30 degrees. Many took advantage of the sea and the empty beaches, while in other European countries coats were already the favourite outfit. Of course, at night, you will probably need a light jacket, but that is all part of the experience of this season.

The feeling of being on one of the beaches with very few people makes us feel big in the presence of the preciousness of nature. We feel that the beach is ours and we want that time to last forever.

Can you swim in Portugal in October?

Over the years, we have understood that is possible. Despite being a month (October) when supposedly the leaves of the trees fall and the temperatures drop drastically, we have experienced that in this month, there is still plenty of beach to enjoy.

Where is the hottest place in Portugal in October?

The further south, the hotter, but definitely the hottest regions are the Alentejo and the Algarve in Portugal.
They are considerable regions in size and it depends a lot on which village or city you choose, however, any village along the entire coast ( which is continuous in both regions), still has enough heat to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean.

One of the most famous villages on the Alentejo coast is comporta.

Comporta in Autumn

Comporta is in the Alentejo, a region of Portugal and Setúbal district. This region is known for its forestation and fauna. The village with its white and blue tones welcomes us with the storks, an emblem of comporta, that live there on top of large roofs, electricity pylons or even chimneys.
Everything is idyllic and at this time of year, everything is quieter and with all the attractions of summer. A perfect place to spend Autumn in Portugal.

It is true that this region of Alentejo gains more notoriety every year and arouses the curiosity, especially of Europeans.
More and more publicised, it still manages to preserve nature by showing that its coast has beaches for all tastes with crystal clear water, making them make them one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal.


In the summer, obviously the region has more tourism, but even so there is space for everyone and there are always hidden beaches that will never be full during the most popular months. It is also true that there are seasonal shops and restaurants – however to enjoy the region, as it is a small place, in these busy months we should book well in advance so that we can take advantage of all that the region has to offer.

September and October are the extension of summer – The difference is that as they are off-season months, everything changes: The region is emptier – the seasonal commerce and restaurants still last, you don’t need to book anything in advance and your experience is undoubtedly even more peaceful, considering that this is what the region offers: Peace and harmony.


Comporta and its region also has many activities or sea activities, such as horseback riding on the beach or boat trips either on the Sado River or on the Atlantic Ocean. One of the main attractions on these tours is getting to see dolphins! For the children, surf lessons, paddle lessons, or even visiting the badoca safari park (40 minutes from comporta) are the main activities.


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Autumn in Portugal is an excellent choice, especially for those who want to say goodbye to the beach. Over the years we have proven, that after all, September and October are excellent months to say goodbye to summer.

Have you already prepared your bags? Fall is coming! Here you will find how to get to comporta from Lisbon, this small paradise in Portugal.

Have a nice trip!