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Best time to go to Comporta, Portugal ?

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A mild and humid Mediterranean climate

Portugal’s climate is generally temperate, and the Atlantic influence brings a certain mildness to the country. Summers are hot and dry and the temperature is rather mild in winter for Europe, making it a popular destination for tourists all year round

There are no bad times to travel to Portugal and more precisely to Comporta, but depending on the activities and atmosphere you are looking for, some seasons are better than others. Here are some tips to plan a trip to Comporta, according to your desires and expectations:

Weather and temperatures in Comporta, Portugal

The highest average temperature at Comporta is 32°C in August and the lowest is 16°C in January. The water temperature is between 16°C and 22°C.

Weather Comporta in December – January

Temperatures ranging from 0°C (early morning) to 17°C invite you to explore the Comporta region in the afternoon. Morning and evening can be quite cool, but the average temperature remains 11°C during the day. The air is moderately humid, which is pleasant enough to walk and discover the wild landscapes of the Herdade da Comporta. However, it should be noted that at this time of year some restaurants and activities may be closed and open again to the public in March. The atmosphere is therefore special, sometimes you feel like a Robinson at the end of the world.

Weather Comporta in February – March

Temperatures start to warm up from March, when temperatures sometimes reach 25°C in the afternoon. They are therefore ideal for visits, but this time of year is also the wettest time of the year in Portugal. The average rainfall is 57.34 mm, so it is advisable to always walk around with rain gear in your bag in case of showers.

Weather Comporta in April – November

The weather is nice and warm and rainfall is rare (average rainfall of 11.19 mm). The average temperature is 24°C from April to June and 29°C in the middle of summer. Maximum temperatures can reach 38°C in July and August. April – November is therefore the perfect time to go to Comporta.

Higher tourist numbers in summer

Comporta is an increasingly renowned region in the world for its magnificent and preserved landscapes and tranquil atmosphere. In July and August, tourists are more numerous. The villages are lively and the atmosphere joyful, but it is important to book restaurants and activities several days in advance.
If you come during this period, also remember to book your beach villa, cabin or hotel at least 9 months in advance. The most beautiful properties are generally reserved from one year to the next in the summer.

Mosquito season

Unlike the rest of the year, July – August is a critical time for mosquitoes in Comporta. They go out all over the region when the sun goes down.
Here are some tips to follow to avoid being disturbed by these insects:
– Pay attention and book accommodation with mosquito nets on the windows. Mosquito nets must be placed on windows from 17:00.
– Wear long clothes when eating out. A little repellent can also be useful outside at nightfall.

The best time to go to Comporta – To visit?

The Herdade da Comporta region covers 12,500 hectares and includes seven hamlets: Pego, Carvalhal, Brejos, Torre, Possanco, Carrasqueira and Comporta. On this stretch of land you will discover magnificent wild landscapes, rice fields that stretch to the horizon, some historical sites and many activities around nature. The best times to visit the villages, rice fields and must-see places are between March and early June or mid-September and mid-November. Thus the heat is not too strong and the number of tourists is reduced. Comporta’s experiences can be enjoyed with complete peace of mind.
In spring, the flowering of the flowers adds colour to the whitewashed villages, while autumn is mild and bright. It is the time of the harvest, the season is perfect to visit the vineyards of the region and the Alentejo.

The best time to go to Comporta To enjoy the beach?

The Portuguese coast is not known to have very hot water, and temperatures can still be a little cold in early summer. Comporta water temperatures peak between 20 and 22°C in mid-August and are at their lowest around February, between 14 and 16°C. July to September are the hottest months, the water also warms up and it is very pleasant to take advantage of the waves to cool down on a relaxing day on the most beautiful beaches of Comporta. In September, the beaches will also be less frequented by tourists.

The best time to go to Comporta – To surf?

Portugal is famous all over the world for its beautiful surf spots all along its coast. Although the hottest season is obviously summer, winter is the best time to practice this sport. It is in winter that surfers will find the most beautiful and highest waves. On the other hand, if you are just starting out in this sport, it is worth taking advantage of summer to make your first attempts. Short suits in summer and long suits in winter are necessary when surfing in Portugal.

The best time to go to Comporta – To enjoy the traditional festivals?

In Portugal the month of June is associated with the popular saints (Santos Populares) and the festivities in their honour. Three popular saints are celebrated: Saint Anthony on June 13, Saint John on June 24 and Saint Peter on June 29. It is therefore a festive and joyful month where street parties are frequent. The atmosphere is exhilarating, we discover the local customs and specialities, so it is a very interesting month to stay in Comporta.

Where to stay in Comporta?

The best way to enjoy Comporta and its quiet atmosphere is to book a typical local house. Better than a hotel, the “casas da Comporta” made of aged wood and thatched roofs allow you to disconnect from everyday life and live in the heart of nature.

Welcome home at Alma da Comporta

For your stay, settle into one of our “Alma da Comporta” houses. They are all located in front of the rice fields and close to the beaches. The architecture is typical of the region and the decoration is simple and warm in the spirit of Comporta.
The spaces are open to nature, rice fields and birds can be observed from each room. Large windows bring light and terraces allow you to relax and enjoy the sun. Each of our villas is equipped with a magnificent swimming pool where it is pleasant to cool off during the hottest hours of the day. Rent a house or villa in Comporta.


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