Discover the beautiful Alentejo region of Portugal

For a holiday out of time, visit the Alentejo. Portugal’s largest region is above all one of the most beautiful. In the south of the country, stretching between Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, it conceals many treasures between medieval villages, unspoilt nature and wild coastline. Discover the many activities to do in the Alentejo and where to go to get away from it all.

Visit the Alentejo for its medieval and historic villages

Due to its proximity to Spain and North Africa, Alentejo is a region with a strong historical past that has long been coveted. Explore its fortified medieval villages along the route of the castles. The magnificent cities of Elvas and Évora are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Elvas is home to several architectural wonders, such as the fort of Our Lady of Grace, the church and the Amoreira aqueduct, the largest on the Iberian Peninsula.

Évora is a mosaic of influences that tell its story. It was first Roman, then under Visigoth and Moorish domination, before becoming definitively Portuguese. You will be captivated by the Sé d’Évora, the largest cathedral in Portugal, the Roman temple and the aqueduct, harmoniously nested in the maze of houses.

Don’t miss the other jewels of the Alentejo, such as Viana do Alentejo, Vila Viçosa, Marvão and Terena. In Monsaraz, one of the most beautiful villages in Portugal, you will wander through the cobbled streets lined with white houses to the panorama of Lake Alqueva.

Strolling and relaxing on the Alentejo coast

The Alentejo is also 170 kilometres of wild and unspoilt coastline, carved by coves and beaches, each one more enchanting than the next. To make the most of these exceptional landscapes, you can follow the fishermen’s trail. Using the paths created by the locals to reach beaches and fishing spots, it will take you to confidential places. For a hike lasting several days or a short stroll, walk along the cliffs and the seaside, breathing in the pure air from the open sea. Lovers of idleness, it will be difficult to choose among the multitude of beaches ideal for sunbathing and swimming! Combining fine sand, clear waters and water sports like surfing in comporta, the beautiful beaches in comporta are among the most charming in the country.

Discovering Alentejo, a land of traditions

Visiting the Alentejo also means taking in the culture and traditions that shape this rich and complex territory. The vineyards are the pride of the locals, with no less than 8 DOCs, the equivalent of the French PDOs. The warm and sunny climate produces powerful red wines, rich in tannins, with hints of forest fruits. Fragrant with notes of tropical fruit, the white wines charm with their delicacy.
Alentejo’s craftsmanship is very varied, an opportunity to learn about ancestral techniques and bring back beautiful memories. Visit the carpet-making workshops in Arraiolos to admire the skills of the hand embroiderers. The art of ceramics is highly developed, with the colourful plates of Redondo and the decorated pottery of Nisa. Alentejo is also the world’s leading producer of cork, which is used to make pots and bowls. You will pass through cork oak forests on beautiful bike rides around Comporta. All these characteristics make this region one of the best places for summer in Portugal as well!

Where to sleep in Alentejo?

Comporta is the new chic and bohemian destination in southern Portugal. It is an ideal base for a relaxing holiday and an excellent starting point for visiting the Alentejo. You will have access to the protected areas of the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve and the Southwest Alentejano Nature Park.

To sleep in the Alentejo, pack your bags in one of the traditional houses in Alma de Comporta. This little paradise away from the hustle and bustle invites you to relax in a traditional yet luxurious setting. With a view of the sea or the rice fields, you will feel as if time has stood still here.