Feb 2023

Summer 2023: What´s new in Comporta


Comporta and its region have conquered many people’s hearts and the truth is unavoidable. Those who choose these small villages for their vacations leave here with many good memories and with a date set for the following year.

What is Comporta Portugal known for?

Comporta is a village in the Alentejo region that has become better known, mainly by European tourists. It is a simple village with a lot to explore around it. The truth is that those who look for this region, look for quietness, idyllic landscapes, beaches with a very large extension of sand and good food. And you can find all of this easily. It is a place where time stands still and every moment is one of tranquility. Find out with us what you can find this year in Comporta! 


What is the average temperature in Comporta?

In summer the temperatures are around 25-30 degrees and everyone looks for water or even outdoor activities, like horseback riding, cycling in the rice fields or even land rover vintages in the huge dunes that the region offers. 

The hottest months are from mid-June to mid-September. Other less crowded months are from March to May (and October as well), where the temperature is around 20-25 degrees.

Comporta: What’s new!

Each year there are new activities and new restaurants. Find out where the best places to eat in Comporta or the best delights in the region.

The year 2022 brought us new experiences such as:

Sal restaurant: The famous restaurant now ( 2023) opens its doors on the beach of carvalhal, next to the famous sublime. Two restaurants with fresh and very delicious food.

Black pig gin: A huge outdoor space with play areas for adults to try the different types of gin and with play space for children. Since it is a farm, many animals can be seen as well.  

Odisseias credit

Almo: The old “eucalyptus” now appears with a new visual identity, super comfortable and with meals like brunch, lunch and dinner. Right in the center of comporta village, is a trendy cafe with delicious and healthy options.

Besides the decoration and elegant clothing stores, such as casa da cultura, Caju, traces of me, barracuda, o baú, among others, a new store has appeared: A fashion clinic. It is known for its luxurious selection of the fashion designers brands for women, men and home ( in carvalhal village).

Activities: Besides water activities, like surfing, paddle, biking, riding in idyllic places, electric bikes, in 2023 you can count on all of them and even more new ones like:

Buggies – It is not new to rent buggies to explore the region. However, new companies have emerged with this service. This way everyone has the opportunity to enjoy this fun activity.

Pexels by Karolina Grabowska

Quads bikes – It is one of the novelties. Enjoying and exploring the dunes of the region with this type of motorbike is much more fun!

More offers from Chefs at home – Comporta and its region are small areas and therefore the services are limited (especially in the summer). The good news is that more and more chefs are available to make your stay more comfortable.

Cocktails at home – Many people take advantage of their vacation to celebrate a birthday or a special date. Nothing better than doing it with stunning views and idyllic surroundings. We have the novelty of calling a cocktail expert to our homes to serve you a nice celebration.


Praia do pego

Praia do pego has the famous restaurant “sal” which has now changed location. However, the change was small since it is located on the same beach. 

With a new look, the restaurant has aroused the curiosity of many lovers of this restaurant. There will also be another new restaurant soon on this beach, with little information yet. In other words, two new things to try.

Á toa – a restaurant that opened its doors in the summer of 2022 and promises good food, music, and a great sunset. All on Melides beach.

Expresso credits

It is a place that gains more notoriety every year, and so the novelties will appear frequently.  It’s an impressive coast (with more than 60 kms of sand extension) and you can find a little bit of everything (and for all tastes!).

The gastronomy is very rich and the scenery idyllic.  The best way to enjoy all this environment is to stay in a holiday house with the identity of the region and with all the comfort you need for unforgettable days. There is a few option of hotels as well.

campo de arroz
House: Campo de arroz

We are sure that you will enjoy and leave your vacation already with a date to come back next year! 

Have a great vacation!


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