Jun 2022

Best places for summer holiday in portugal


Portugal is a small country but with a lot to explore.

You can drive from one end of the country to the other in 9 hours and yet, being small, it offers all kinds of scenery for all tastes.

From north to south, from historical villages to waterfalls in the middle of nature, snow and even crystal clear beautiful beaches, this country has a lot to offer.

For the summer, we will leave some suggestions of cities (near beaches) and coasts that have villages such as the Comporta, Melides or Tróia and we explain why this places selected as best places for summer holiday in Portugal.



Gerês is a place lost in time with a fauna and flora as diverse as it has to offer. The national park peneda do geres is known as the only national park in portugal and borders the neighboring country: Spain.
Stone houses, waterfalls, trails, historical villages, this place in Portugal is of an enormous preciousness – whose harmony with nature and stunning landscapes make this place unforgettable – here the beaches are fluvial, yet unforgettable – If you are looking for landscape diversity, Gerês is an excellent place for the summer holiday in Portugal.



Being the second largest city in Portugal and one of the oldest in Europe, Porto is a charming city. Between the Douro River and the Atlantic Ocean, its cobblestone streets make you get lost in so much detail.
The city is bustling in the summer months and boasts many tourist attractions, excellent restaurants, and wine options. Visiting porto in the summer means wanting to explore a bit of the coast or other neighboring cities, such as Braga, for example.



A lot of people take advantage and after getting to know Porto, they leave to visit one of the most beautiful regions in the world. Visiting wineries and tasting wines, exploring the viewpoints, boat or even train rides, and the excellent cuisine blend in with the idyllic scenery of this river.

If your goal is to explore the north and go down south, be sure to visit other cities like Aveiro and Coimbra, both with a Portuguese historical weight.

Nazaré and the west coast:

Figueira da Foz, Nazaré, Peniche – among other villages/cities of this coast are a great option for those who want to do Portugal from north to south!

Nazaré gained the most notoriety for the biggest waves in the world and for its submarine geomorphological phenomenon and many tourists and curious people invaded the village to understand this phenomenon. This nice village is located on a coast with a huge extension of sand and has beaches for all tastes. Although small, you can complement your days in the other villages of this coast.

To get to know this west coast, be sure to visit the Berlengas Island. Here I leave a picture because I believe it is worth more than a thousand words.



The capital of the country: This capital with its colorful tones is a cinematographic city with its hills. It is one of the best places to spend a summer vacation for those looking for cities. However Lisbon has beaches very close (like Cascais and Sintra)!

Alentejo Coast

This coast is one of the most amazing coasts we have. It is in Alentejo and here we can talk about villages like Comporta, Troia, melides, sines, porto covo, vila nova de mil fonetes, zambujeira do mar or odeceixe.
Each village has its own charm with its blue and white or yellow and white tones, characteristic colors of the region.

The beaches are wild and there are activities for all ages! The food is based on fish, seafood and especially pork. Is definitely one of the best places for summer holidays!


Comporta, Troia and Melides:

Comporta, increasingly sought after by tourists is an excellent option for those who want to connect with nature. The rice fields and the storks that characterize the region, presents luxury vacation homes with their thatched roofs and wooden pergolas.

Stay in Comporta is to get to know the other villages nearby and the various beaches it offers!


Algarve Coast:

This coast is also very popular with tourists, especially some villages like Lagos, albufeira and Vilamoura. However, Algarve is bigger than that – it has numerous beaches and many villages. From its long sandy stretch, and warmer waters, it also has some islands. Fish and seafood are the most consumed in the region.

Best places for summer holiday in portugal

Here are some suggestions of some of the best places for summer holiday in portugal. Whatever your choice of destination, we are sure you will have a great time and return home with a full heart.


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