beach restaurant Comporta

Beach restaurants at Comporta Portugal

Lunch at the beach is a real pleasure in Comporta in Portugal.
This is an opportunity to enjoy the sun, while tasting delicious grilled fish. We see surfers and fishermen in discovering the specialty wines of the region. The atmosphere is relaxed and children play in the sand, everything is provided for an enjoyable time. 

Praia do Carvalhal

Among the beach restaurants, we like those of Praia do Carvalhal: O restaurant Sal and Sublime beach Club
The two most popular restaurants in the region in one place. Both excellent! All kinds of dishes and cocktails available. Fresh seafood is prepared with a great quality. The service is relaxed and effective, it feels like visiting friends. Don’t miss this experience.

Praia do Pego

This beach brought two new developments in 2023. The famous restaurant already in the capital Jncquoi and another one closer to the dunes called Praia na Comporta. The curious ones are looking forward to it!
Certainly a unique experience.


Praia da Comporta

If you want to eat lunch in a hammock or have your feet in the sand, then go to Comporta Café. The chairs, sofas and hammocks on the beach are perfect for laying in the sun with a chilled glass of white wine in hand. The sand dunes and the colour of the sea make everything unforgettable. We recommend their signature dish, rice with cuttlefish and black clams. The grilled shrimp and sautéd clams are all also excellent. 

Praia de Melides

Lagoa ó Mar is a very relaxed and kids friendly beach restaurant located on Melides beach between the ocean and the lagoon. The environment is incredible!

Where to Sleep

It is a huge coastline with many beaches. However, not all of them have restaurants. The area is growing and so is the supply.
Take the opportunity to get to know the vacations houses whose identity of the region has been preserved. They are beautiful, with all the comfort you need for an unforgettable stay.

Enjoy your stay!