What to bring from comporta and region as a souvenir!

Comporta is a place with unique natural landscapes. A place increasingly sought after for those looking for a few days of rest surrounded by the magnificent beaches and rice fields. Comporta is located in Alentejo, a region in the south of Portugal and one and a half hours away from the capital of the country. Alentejo is famous for its unobstructed landscapes and contains an enviable fauna and flora.



The food, very much based on pork, fresh fish and seafood, is for all tastes and quite rich. Some dishes are typical, such as carne de porco á Alentejana, açorda de ambas, ensopado de borrego, among many others. Alentejo is a region with 27 thousand square kilometres, being the largest region in Portugal, despite being the least populated. A region with many olive trees and a balanced climate, it has also become famous for its wine. Red, white or green! There are many options and reputable brands that make this region known for its excellent wines.



Besides the olive trees, cork (the so-called Alentejo cork oak) is the most common tree in the region. Whether by car, bicycle or walking, this tree is appreciated at every corner. Since the Alentejo is hot, it is very easy to imagine people under this tree to escape the hot sun. And from this natural product like cork, everything you can imagine is made: from clothing to home decorations.



White tones, blue tones, and thatched roofs.  Whether in this village or in its surrounding area, the architecture of the houses in Comporta seeks to maintain the identity of the region. Sophisticated, they present a bright and open architecture that with its surrounding environment of pure nature, the whole scenario is breathtaking. Many of them face the rice fields of the region and the scenery becomes idyllic. The decoration is no exception – most of it is simple but very sophisticated, respecting the identity of the house/ property and using handmade pieces made in the region. Many pieces are rustic, thatched and cork, making each detail unique.



The Alentejo is usually hot in the summer, reaching 30-40 degrees, and for this reason light tunics and dresses are an excellent choice to wear in the moment or take as a souvenir. In winter, temperatures drop a little more, depending on which village you are in. Coats and warm slippers came about because of the need to stay warm. In Comporta the divergence of both seasons is milder.


But what to bring?

Considering these factors, here are some tips on what to bring on your floodgate vacation:

Food: Cheeses, hams and sausages, honey, typical Alentejo cakes, olive oil, and the fantastic wines.

Clothes: Tunics, summer dresses, handmade cork and sheep fur slippers.

Handicraft: Wicker baskets, cork pieces, straw hats, Alentejo blankets and rugs, lavender decorations.

Nothing like taking a souvenir to remember later the unique days you had there.