Christian Louboutin Hotel – A new hotel in Melides

Melides is a small village that is more than 500 years old and is known for its white and blue tones, characteristic of the Alentejo region and lies on an extension of the Portuguese coast with more than 60 kms, like the village of Comporta, Carvalhal or Brejos that is increasingly being visited by European tourists. The secrets of this small village in Portugal are many and precious.

The famous shoe designer

With future projects whose internationally famous names are mentioned, the village of melides is becoming more and more notorious for the famous hotels that are opening. Now it’s Christian Louboutins’ turn. The French shoe designer, with his numerous works, including the red used in his high-heeled shoes, has always been inclined to seek out the best artisans to keep traditions alive from around the world. Many years ago he began by spending his vacations in Comporta, then moved further south and it was in Melides that he decided to open, this year, a sophisticated and eccentric space with 13 rooms and a restaurant named Xtian with capacity for 60 people. With three floors it is a totally remodeled building.


Vermelho hotel – new hotel in Melides is a work of art

“La vie en rouge”. The new hotel space, whose name is “red” hotel, signature of the designer, for his luxury shoes (mainly red-soled high shoes) will open its doors in early April and it is already possible to book and look for information directly from the website. It presents itself as a work of art, Portuguese baroque style, where the smallest detail has been carefully thought out. This is their first boutique hotel whose objective was to gather friends and family for its conception, such as the architect Madalena Caiado, fundamental help in the realization of this project. The decoration is an authentic luxury, the result of the mixture between his personal taste and the rural environment, characteristic of the region.



Inspired by Portuguese, Moroccan, Egyptian, French and Spanish influences, this space features hand painted murals and tiles, red tiled floors, African and European antiques and unique pieces of art, some bought during the designer’s life, others commissioned and others that already filled space in Louboutin’s current residences. Everything is thought out in detail and therefore becomes an art museum. Prices per night start at around 350€ per night for two people. There are other types and categories of rooms. If you are an art lover and curious to know this museum in hotel form, be sure to know this space that will soon open (April 1, 2023) and that is already talked about by many newspapers and magazines.


The region – Deserted beaches and idyllic scenery

On this coast Melides and Comporta are the most sought after villages, mainly by European tourists. It is a huge coastline, with a sandy beach to lose sight of. It is an area that is gaining more and more notoriety. The rice fields, the sea, the wild beaches, the activities, and above all, the tranquility of the region is what attracts the most curious to visit. The main beach (praia de Melides), known for its fresh water lagoon, whose sand tongue separates it from the ocean, is one of the best photos of the region. The nature is idyllic and stunning, and the scenery for many activities such as surfing or paddle boarding. Horseback riding over the dunes is also much sought after by those who visit this region.


Both villages are growing and presenting new features, whether in hotels or gastronomy. Both are within a 20-minute drive from each other. Whether in Comporta, Melides or another small village in the region, the truth is unavoidable: Renting a hotel or a private holiday house should be one of your objectives to be able to experience all the comforts that the region offers. And if your plan is to just stroll around the region for a day, make it a point to visit both towns.

*All photos from the hotel were taken directly from the Vermelho hotel website.