port de carrasqueira

The secrets of Carrasqueira in Portugal

Carrasqueira is probably the most traditional of the small villages in Comporta. It is located 1:15 from Lisbon, on the banks of the mouth of the Sado River, opposite Setùbal. It is famous for its port on stilts, with old wooden mooring lines for the local fishing boats.

Carrasqueira in Comporta also houses original fishing huts. Carrasqueira’s farmlands and estuary have been exploited by migrant workers who have settled in the traditional fishermen’s huts over the years. They have been preserved and used in this way for decades. They are also known as “Comporta cabanas” and are the inspiration for more recent constructions in the region that combine wood, traditional masonry and thatched roofs.
These fishing huts are now protected and are part of Comporta’s historical heritage.

The village of Carrasqueira has a large main street where most commercial activities are located. This includes restaurants, bars, cafes and some small general stores and supermarkets.

The essentials

The port on stilts of Carrasqueira in Comporta, Portugal

The port on stilts of Comporta is a timeless place, suspended between sky and sea. The ideal time to visit it is at sunrise or sunset, when the light and colors are reflected in the calm waters of the estuary. It is a magical place for photography enthusiasts.

Avenida dos Pescadores, Carrasqueira – Comporta

Ismael’s house

Take a detour to this place that is well known to the residents of Carrasqueira and the surrounding villages. This is the place where locals and restaurateurs come to buy fish and seafood. It’s not really a fish market, it’s the home of Mr. Ismael!

Fish, shellfish and crustaceans are brought in every day by local fishermen. They are placed alive in basins before being purchased by the lucky few who know this address. Feel free to ask questions, Monica and Gonzalo know many recipes to enjoy their delicious products.

Carrasqueira / + 351 265 497 275

Where to stay in Carrasqueira, Portugal?

Renting a house in Comporta is undoubtedly the best way to live to the rhythm of this charming village and enjoy the natural area. It is also more comfortable and intimate for a stay with family or friends.

Casas Na Areia

Casas Na Areia is a boutique hotel in Comporta where you can see your feet in the sand. A perfect place for a vacation in Portugal. The four thatched houses are located in Carrasqueira, in the middle of nature. They are made of traditional masonry and thatch and are reminiscent of the famous “Comporta cabanas”. The architecture and decoration are a pleasant mix of old and new, and the atmosphere is warm. One of the cabins has a large common kitchen and sitting room, with a sandy floor. An original experience! For more information.

Cabanas no Rio

Cabanas No Rio are two small waterfront cabanas at the mouth of the Sado River. The first cabin houses a lounge and kitchenette. The second offers a comfortable room with bathroom. The shower can be used either inside or outside, just by opening the wooden doors.

The design and style are highly refined. The furnishings and decoration have been reduced to the essentials to leave all the room for the sublime scenery. Here we live like Robinson lost at the end of the world. The place is very quiet and the surrounding nature is wild. For more information.

Very close to the village of Carrasqueira, you will find other villages like Possanco with other wonderful accommodation offers.

The beauty of the region is unique. It is a region with many unspoiled landscapes and where the sound of nature reigns. Enjoy from the beaches to the natural attractions.