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Bargain hunting in Comporta

If you like to use your holidays and free time to bargain hunt, here are some addresses in Comporta which will interest you:

Velharias Rua de Alto de Pina, Carvalhal
Don’t hesitate to rummage through this warehouse which is brimming with furniture, stacked dishes, books and old toys. The big pieces (such as tables, benches, wagons) are kept outside on the pavement. Here, you can regularly find old glass wine bottles in large sizes and various colours. 

Address: Rua de Alto de Pina, Carvalhal
Open weekends and weekdays from June to September. 

Santa Maria Velharias
You’ll find this boutique in the center of Carvalhal. This is a family business that specializes in buying and selling antiques, collectibles and curiosities.

Address: Avenida 18 de Dezembro, 16 – Carvalhal

Velharias Júlio Luís Maria
The families from Lisbon passing through here look for trinkets for their vacation homes or ideas for unique gifts.
The store, which has been built with wooden planks and sheet metal, is on the road leading to the beaches of Carvalhal. Here, you’ll find treasures that are just waiting to be taken away.

Address: Estrada Nacional, 261 – Carvalhal

Velharias Sara
This store is directly across the road from Júlio Luís Maria. It’s also not to be missed. Here, you’ll find beautiful sets of dishes, small pieces of furniture and antique objects.

Address: Estrada Nacional, 261 – Carvalhal

Where to stay in Comporta

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