Museu do Arroz, Comporta

The Rice Museum is located at the entrance to the village of Comporta in Portugal. It is devoted to local rice growing and related traditions. In this cultural space, we go back in time to better understand the impact of this atypical culture in the history and development of “Herdade da Comporta”.

The museum is located in the old rice husking factory dating back to 1952.
In addition to this factory, there were several workshops, with a collection of tools for locksmithing, carpentry and forging. These workshops were intended for the maintenance of the factory, the housing of the workers, the office, the canteen, the butcher shop, the bakery, the church and contributed to the production of instruments and vehicles for the agricultural activities. Thus the domain could be autonomous until the end of the 1960s.

After this rich cultural and historical tour, we recommend having a drink or a meal at the restaurant located next to the museum, and known by the same name.

Contact the museum to schedule a visit (45 minutes):
+ 351 265 499 900