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Es gibt viele Restaurants, die in Comporta und Umgebung köstliche Speisen anbieten. Ob Sie mit Ihren Füßen im Sand nach einem salzigen Mittagessen, einem gemütlichen Abendessen am Feuer oder einem erstklassigen Cocktail in der Stadt suchen, Sie finden die Adressen, die all Ihre Wünsche wahr werden lassen, in diesem Abschnitt.

Die Natur spüren Dec 2022

Was tun in Comporta, wenn es regnet?

Obwohl in der Region Comporta das ganze Jahr über gutes Wetter herrscht, kann es vorkommen, dass während Ihres Aufenthalts ein paar Regentropfen fallen, vor allem im Februar und März. In der Tat ist der Winter in Portugal sonniger als in den meisten europäischen Ländern.Diese Niederschläge sind für die lokale Landwirtschaft unerlässlich und tragen dazu bei,

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The best places to eat in Comporta

The discreet and wild peninsula of Comporta is full of delicious restaurants that deserve to be visited for a lunch with your feet in the sand or a charming dinner in town. Discover here our holiday rentals in Comporta. Beach restaurants are recommended for lunch to enjoy delicious fresh grilled fish and fresh seafood. We

Beach club Comporta
Essen und Trinken Sep 2021

Comporta and the Beach Clubs

Portugal is a country that became visible a few years ago and since then is increasingly sought after by more and more tourists. There is sun, good food, excellent wine, beaches for all tastes and it is a small country that allows a quick movement from place to place. Alentejo has never been as famous

Essen und Trinken Jun 2021

The delights of the Alentejo

A vast and complex territory, the Alentejo region occupies almost a third of Portugal. With a history dating back thousands of years, from the Romans to the Visigoths to the Arabs, the region has always had a relationship with its Andalusian neighbour. These influences have shaped the habits and customs that govern the lives of

comporta portugal
Essen und Trinken Aug 2020

Book your Chef at home in Comporta

We leave for Comporta to recharge our batteries and enjoy a unique, wild and unspoilt setting. The Alma da Comporta houses in the heart of nature are perfect to disconnect from routine. Whether by the beach or in the heart of the rice fields, all our villas are an invitation to relax and unwind. To

Essen und Trinken Jun 2020

Summer 2020, what’s new at Comporta?

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, the Comporta region reveals itself as an ideal destination for your 2020 summer holidays. The varied activities guarantee you an unforgettable stay. From relaxing in a spa to lazing on the beach, to cycling or horseback riding, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Sublime Comporta

Gastronomy Comporta
Essen und Trinken May 2019

The gastronomy of Comporta and Alentejo

The gastronomy of Alentejo is creative and generous. It surprises visitors by its flavours and testifies to the hospitality of its inhabitants. This was once a region of wheat fields and vast plains, where the herds of pigs roamed freely in the oak forests and olive groves. Bread, pork and olive oil thus became the

melides portugal
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Cooking Classes Farm to table, Melides

If you stay at Comporta and are looking for cooking classes that focus on local and seasonal produce, then book at the “Farm to Table” classes of Antonio & Marta. It is at Melides that they give an appointment to their guests before taking them to an organic farm in Sobreiras Altas. On site, the

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