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A preserved nature, rice fields and pines as far as the eye can see ...

It is in this grandiose setting that Charline and Antoine decided to build their house project, Alma da Comporta.
Comporta is a little paradise, as if lost at the end of the world. It reigns a serenity and a sweetness of life without ostentation that seduced them immediately, from their first trip here. Eight years later, they start and decide to build their huts to share their passion for these wild lands.

A bright and open architecture

For the realization of their projects, they call on the architect Luis Pereira Miguel (PM-ARQ) with whom they share their love for Comporta and the same vision of the local building: a luminous architecture, an integration with the nature environment, respect for local traditions and the use of raw materials.

Luis Pereira Miguel and his partner, Filipe Martins Correia, together manage the architecture firm PM-ARQ several times distinguished at international competitions. Based in Lisbon and they work on projects of different scales ranging from family housing to tourism project, through the rehabilitation of ancient sites.

Together they work on the construction of Alma da Comporta houses and huts. They take the codes of the fishermen’s huts of the region: wood, thatched roof, pilings, while integrating modernity and a little more comfort.

Simplicity and authenticity are the hallmarks of Comporta, and they are also the thread of their constructions. The decoration is refined, but remains warm. The goal is for everyone to find their place naturally. These refuges are open to the nature that surrounds them. They were designed so that the rice fields are their horizon, as far as the eye can see, and in each room.

Alma da Comporta has been thought to be a contemplative retreat, a place to take time, where to find serenity. Alma da Comporta is three places: Campo de Arroz and Flor de Arroz facing the rice fields of Carvalhal, and Casas de Arroz near the village of Comporta.


Alma da Comporta are homes designed to take the time to travel, to get lost in nature, to experience the simple pleasures and unique experiences that this region offers us.
Better than addresses, these are destinations!

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Campo De Arroz

The family house

This house is composed of two separate rectangular volumes, parallel to each other. Arranged along the north-south axis, they adapt to the topography of the existing land by creating a large platform on the rice fields to the east.
The first wooden building occupies a gross area of 145 m2, parallel to the street, next to the entrance, allowing level access to flat slopes and no movement of land.
The second volume, concrete, appears at a lower level, adapting to the natural topography, directly related to the existing ground and supporting the large terrace above.
A small dune with native vegetation protects the house from the street, while letting the sun penetrate in the living room.

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Raw and inspiring nature

Opening june 2020

At the foot of the rice fields, there are two rectangular cabins parallel to each other. They are positioned in a staggered way, to enjoy the sun and the light throughout the day. Set back from the road, these cocoons are drowned in the raw and inspiring nature that surrounds them, and the pool is a continuation of the rice fields.



An open refuge on the rice fields of Comporta.

Opening march 2020

Four huts forming an open refuge on rice fields and fields of Comporta. The sizes and materials used for these four houses are different, but together they form a harmonious site. The infinity pool completes this holiday resort overlooking the wilderness that faces it.


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