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Om uw reis naar Comporta echt buitengewoon te maken, kunt u een uitje op zee meemaken om vogels te observeren die alleen hier worden gezien, de dolfijnen van het estuarium volgen of zelfs een vlucht in een luchtballon maken over de wilde natuur van Sado.

Voel de natuur Jun 2022

Beste plaatsen voor zomervakantie in portugal

Portugal is een klein land waar veel te ontdekken valt. Je kunt in 9 uur van het ene eind van het land naar het andere rijden en toch biedt het, omdat het klein is, allerlei landschappen voor elke smaak. Van noord tot zuid, van historische dorpen tot watervallen midden in de natuur, sneeuw en zelfs

Voel de natuur Jun 2022

Muda, een van de attracties van Comporta

Comporta behoort tot de Alentejo en is een dorp in Portugal dat op slechts 1u15 minuten van Lissabon ligt. Dit dorp, dat wordt gekenmerkt door zijn blauwe en witte tinten en de reusachtige ooievaarsnesten, is erg in trek bij toeristen die van de stilte willen genieten.Met zijn uitgestrekte kustgebied zijn de stranden divers: Praia do

Voel de natuur May 2022

Sunset in Comporta

We all know how much Comporta and its region are gaining notoriety from year to year. And it is not for less. Comporta is a place with splendid nature and beaches for all tastes.  Now that the warmer months are starting to arrive, everyone wants to enjoy the summer days when the sunsets go late.

Voel de natuur Feb 2022

What to do in and around Comporta

Comporta, village with its charm in the Alentejo region in Portugal is a destination increasingly sought after by those who want a vacation where relaxation is the main word. But “relax” does not mean no options for doing anything. Comporta can be calm and busy at the same time. It is surrounded by the charms

Voel de natuur Jan 2022

Alentejo and its forestation

Portugal is a relatively small country with just over 10 million people. The country is divided into regions and some archipelagos, with an extensive and diverse coastline. There are beaches of all types, white or dark sand, coastal cliffs, large estuaries, bays, coastal lagoons, sheltered bays, headlands, and islands or islets. The forestation is as

Voel de natuur Nov 2021

Comporta, the ideal place for teleworking

The worldwide pandemic brought us new paradigms and the way of working was somewhat restructured. Teleworking was not something new, but with the current events many, with no other choice, had to adapt to this trend. In Portugal, it was a novelty in most professional activities. With no other option, it was a mandatory measure

Natural Park Arrabida
Voel de natuur Oct 2021

The Natural Parks of Portugal

Portugal reveals an exceptional diversity of landscapes between the mountains of the center of the country, an Atlantic facade of more than 800 kilometers and the plains of the south. Thanks to the creation of numerous natural parks and reserves, the country has been able to preserve a varied fauna and flora within protected areas.

beautiful beach
Voel de natuur Aug 2021

The most beautiful beaches in Portugal

With nearly 1,700 kilometers of coastline, Portugal has no shortage of beaches to lay your towel on! Its pleasant climate allows you to enjoy the sun and sea all year round. Between wild creeks, seaside resorts and long ribbons of white sand, it is difficult to make a choice. To help you, we have compiled

Voel de natuur Jul 2021

The storks, emblem of Comporta in Portugal

Comporta, a small town in the Alentejo region, stretching along the Atlantic Ocean and hemmed in by long white sandy beaches, no needs introduction. Very popular with the jet set and tourists from all over the world, this destination is described by those who set foot here as a true haven of peace. Between forests

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