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Als je bent gevallen voor de rieten manden die je overal in Comporta kunt zien, als je een authentiek, lokaal souvenir mee naar huis wilt nemen, of zelfs als je hebt besloten je huis in te richten in de stijl van een vissershut, zal dit gedeelte geef je alle adressen die je moet weten om de mooie objecten te vinden die je hartje begeert.

comporta village hotel
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Comporta Village – Hotel Apartamento

Comporta, a destination that makes many travelers dream! A place that dazzles us with its simplicity and natural beauty that will allow you to spend your holidays in contact with nature. This place is easily accessible from Lisbon (1h15 away) and is sought after for its white sandy beaches. In Comporta we flee the city

Casas Na Areia
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Casas na Areia

With the arrival of the sun and the good weather there is only one thing that crosses our mind, the destination of the next vacation. If you are a frequent traveler and have not decided where to spend your next vacation you may be able to find what you are looking for in Portugal and

hotel comporta
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Hotel Alojamento Local Verde e Mar

Comporta is surrounded by rice fields, the ocean, sand dunes and pine forests. It is a unique place, where you connect with nature, where you can enjoy the present moment. This wild refuge is appreciated by VIPs for its discretion. Comporta is renowned for its raw nature and the “tranquilidade” of its villages. Here it

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What to do in Tróia, Portugal?

The Tróia Peninsula in Portugal is a superb sandy moorland that stretches along the Atlantic coast of Portugal, north of Comporta. At 1h15 from Lisbon, the Tróia peninsula is easily accessible by car-ferry or catamaran from the town of Setúbal. The trip on boat is an opportunity to admire the natural reserve of the Sado

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