Six nature experiences in Comporta

With its wild and unspoilt surroundings, Comporta in Portugal offers many activities for travellers in a contemplative or sporting mood. Stroll in the rice fields on a fat bike or on the beach on horseback, take a ride in a hot-air balloon, watch dolphins: discover 6 nature experiences in Comporta!

Stroll in the rice fields of Comporta on an electric fat bike

Get on your fat electric bike and discover the local rice fields. This means of transport is ideal for venturing into the wilderness and living an authentic nature experience in Comporta. Their wide tyres allow you to ride effortlessly through dirt and sand, while the silent engine ensures that you get as close as possible to the endemic fauna of the area. With Comporta Electric Bikes, you can enjoy bird watching and the feeling of a trip to the other side of the world!

Doing stand-up paddle in the Melides lagoon

The charming Melides stretches along the coast, 20 kilometres south of Comporta. This fishing village is well worth a visit for its tranquil atmosphere and picturesque centre. Here you will meet the locals at the market or coming out of the beautiful whitewashed church. The surrounding area is also full of wonders, with white sandy beaches and a bewitching lagoon. While it is possible to get close to it on foot, the best way to explore the Melides lagoon is by stand-up paddle. Surf in Comporta offers tours of one and a half hours to venture into the heart of this unique ecosystem. The result is a nature experience near Comporta and a beautiful encounter with nesting birds. Don’t forget your binoculars to spot birds of prey, waders and other rare species!

Picnic on the wild beaches of Comporta

The coastline around Comporta has some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. You will have a wide range of choices when it comes to putting your towel down, depending on what you are looking for. Watched over in summer, Tróia Galé, Carvalhal or Pego are equipped with numerous infrastructures (parasols, deckchairs, restaurants)… But if you want to live a nature experience in Comporta and spend a day in Robinson, we recommend the wilder beaches of Brejos or Torre. Access is by crossing rivers and dunes on foot or by bike, which limits the crowds and rewards the bravest. Bring a parasol and a picnic to enjoy a timeless moment with your family, couple or friends.

Go horse riding around Comporta

What could be better than a horse ride in Comporta to discover the region? Perched on your mount, you will enjoy a breathtaking view and move effortlessly through exceptional landscapes. Several providers offer this nature experience in Comporta, including Passeios a Cavalo and Cavalos na Areia. The former offers you an introduction to the identification of plants, flowers and mushrooms in the cork oak forests. The second will take you through rice fields, then through a desert landscape and finally to the beach. You can let go of the bridle and gallop away with your hair in the wind!

Discover Comporta from the sky

Comporta is located in the beautiful Alentejo region, famous for its medieval villages, its wild and unspoilt coast, its nature and traditions. Take a step up to discover it from above. Departing from Alcácer do Sal, you settle into the gondola of a hot air balloon piloted by the experienced Windpassenger team. At sunrise you can watch the balloon inflate as the sky changes colour. During a one and a half hour flight, you will fly over the Alqueva dam, the city of Evora and take a hot air balloon over Comporta. On your return to land, stars in your eyes, a bottle of champagne awaits you as tradition dictates.

Meet the dolphins of Comporta

Embark on a catamaran and explore the coasts of Comporta, the open sea and the Sado estuary. In addition to the rare birds and flamingos you will see, the mouth of the river is home to a dolphin colony. Emotion guaranteed for young and old alike when the first fins break through the water! The boat slows down to allow you to observe the group’s choreography. Three quality providers offer sea excursions in Comporta: Vertigem Azul, SadoArrabida and Captain Arrábida.