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Los secretos de Carrasqueira en Portugal

Carrasqueira es probablemente el más tradicional de los pequeños pueblos de Comporta. 1:15 desde Lisboa, está situado a orillas del estuario del Sado, frente a Setúbal. Es famoso por su puerto sobre pilotes, con viejas líneas de amarre de madera para barcos de pesca locales. Carrasqueira en Comporta también alberga cabañas de pescadores originales. Las

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Ferry: How to get to Comporta from Lisbon

Comporta is on the Atlantic coast south of Setubal, and is 1h15 minutes away from Lisbon, Portugal’s capital. Whoever seeks to spend a few days in Comporta is looking for peace and nature. The village, surrounded by the storks’ nests, its blue and white tones is small but presents some options of restaurants, stores and

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What to bring from comporta and region as a souvenir!

Comporta is a place with unique natural landscapes. A place increasingly sought after for those looking for a few days of rest surrounded by the magnificent beaches and rice fields. Comporta is located in Alentejo, a region in the south of Portugal and one and a half hours away from the capital of the country.

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¿Cuándo y cómo ir a Comporta en Portugal?

¿Dónde está localizada Comporta en Portugal? Comporta está en la costa atlántica al sur de Setúbal, a poco más de una hora de Lisboa. Por ello es posible venir y recargar las pilas unos días en este paraíso virgen durante una estancia en la capital portuguesa. Las bonitas playas y los pueblos auténticos de Herdade

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What to do in and around Comporta

Comporta, village with its charm in the Alentejo region in Portugal is a destination increasingly sought after by those who want a vacation where relaxation is the main word. But «relax» does not mean no options for doing anything. Comporta can be calm and busy at the same time. It is surrounded by the charms

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Visit Sines Portugal

Sines Portugal On Portugal’s Atlantic coast and south of the capital, you will find many villages, such as Comporta, and some cities that you can’t miss! One of them is Sines: a small fishing village. Characterized by its fishing town roots, it retains the colors, culture and charm of a village with this lifestyle.Sines is

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Alentejo and its forestation

Portugal is a relatively small country with just over 10 million people. The country is divided into regions and some archipelagos, with an extensive and diverse coastline. There are beaches of all types, white or dark sand, coastal cliffs, large estuaries, bays, coastal lagoons, sheltered bays, headlands, and islands or islets. The forestation is as

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Comporta, the ideal place for teleworking

The worldwide pandemic brought us new paradigms and the way of working was somewhat restructured. Teleworking was not something new, but with the current events many, with no other choice, had to adapt to this trend. In Portugal, it was a novelty in most professional activities. With no other option, it was a mandatory measure

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The Natural Parks of Portugal

Portugal reveals an exceptional diversity of landscapes between the mountains of the center of the country, an Atlantic facade of more than 800 kilometers and the plains of the south. Thanks to the creation of numerous natural parks and reserves, the country has been able to preserve a varied fauna and flora within protected areas.

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Las playas más bonitas de Portugal

La región de Comporta es famosa por su naturaleza salvaje y protegida, por su ambiente apacible y sus encantadores pueblos tradicionales. Una de sus principales ventajas son sin duda sus largas y magníficas playas que se extienden a lo largo de más de 60 km de costa.Las playas de Comporta están en efecto cubiertas de

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