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Alma da Comporta
Alma da Comporta
Alma da Comporta
Alma da Comporta
Alma da Comporta
Alma da Comporta
Alma da Comporta


Comporta is increasingly considered as a destination not to be missed. Heavenly beaches, nature and much more make this small village a place of choice. It is also due to its beaches, proximity to the nature, fauna and flora of the place, which makes Comporta a destination more and more requested by families from all over the world!
When traveling as a family, one of the decisive factors in choosing a holiday destination is “what can we do with our children?”. The choice of destination Comporta has been increasing since it has been disseminated in different media throughout the world. That is why we believe it is pertinent to develop an activity guide that you can carry out with your family and that your children will love!
At Comporta you can find different types of activities to do with your family, in this article we will present some options of what to do with children and teenagers in Comporta, as well as Kids Friendly houses and also restaurants.

What to do in Comporta, Portugal?

At Comporta there is a little bit of everything! We have everything from entertainment for the more adventurous, observations of nature for the calm and even discovery visits for the most curious.
Here are some ideas of what you can visit and learn with your children:

Surfing in Comporta

You have surf schools at your disposal that allow you to enjoy a different experience and that suits the tastes of children. The Surf school of Comporta has the most friendly teachers and with a huge affection for what they do! You should contact the school to book your surf lessons for all levels (from the most experienced to the most inexperienced). Don’t have the necessary material to surf? Do not worry! Just contact the surf school and they provide the material so you can embark on this super fun experience with your children.

Horse Rides

As you may have heard, the famous horse rides along the beach are also an excellent option! With gentle horses that are used to children, you can offer your children an experience with greater animal contact. The company Cavalos na Areia, has a great organization which will allow you a peaceful walk so that you can enjoy it. It has different tour times and also rates depending on the time of year.

Kayak Tours

And we continue on a more radical side, what do you think of a kayak trip getting to know another side of Comporta? The Rice Fields! The water channel through which you will venture is the Vala Real. This Ditch is the main water supply channel for the rice paddy did you know? On its banks we can see different types of animals that use this channel to drink water. The company that offers this service is also Cavalos na Areia, which can be carried out with a group of up to 13 people. Cavalos na Areia guarantees that both vests and fun are included in this journey!

Dolphin Watching

Dolphins are common animals in the coastal waters from Tróia to Setúbal. If we are lucky we can even watch dolphins just being on the beach enjoying the sun. Or also, when crossing the Troia-Setúbal through the Catamaram it may be possible to observe them. However, you also have the possibility of taking boat trips where the main intention is to observe this animal. All children love to observe different types of animals and the dolphin is no exception, it is always a pleasure to observe an animal as friendly as this one in its natural habitat and, with the help of the guides, always learn more about them!
You can then travel to Tróia, where you will find different companies that can provide you with an unforgettable day on board a boat like Dolphinbay, Sadoemotions, among others.
You can also enjoy and discover the beautiful Troia, with its marina and walking trails that you will love.

Walking Trails

All children love to explore and the hiking trails in Tróia can be a good option for the most curious! With trails through nature that take us to discover the beaches of Tróia, your children can run, explore the surrounding nature and have the opportunity to spend a different day.

Roman ruins

It is on the way towards Tróia that we find one of the oldest cultural landmarks of the place, the Roman Ruins. If your child has an interest in artifacts and ancient history, this is a good place to visit! With guided tours you can have fun and at the same time discover what those ruins were in other times.

Kids friendly restaurants

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose a place to have lunch or dinner as children cannot always enjoy the restaurant’s menu. At Comporta you don’t have this problem because you have different types of Kids Friendly restaurant at your disposal, offering you a varied menu, with options for children, and with perfect spaces for them to play while they wait for the meal. Here are some ideas:
– Restaurante “O Dinis”;
– SalBurger;
– Comporta Café;
– Ilha do Arroz;
– A Escola;
– Restaurante “O Pôr-do-Sol”;
– Restaurante Sal;
– As Cavalariças;
– Dona Bia.

Where to stay in Comporta Portugal?

With everything we’ve already told you, it would be perfect to find accommodation designed for you and your family. You will find some options in the area, but I invite you to visit our website and learn about our project.
Alma da Comporta offers accommodation designed for families with children. Houses with a thoughtful decoration, well lit and with stunning views, a large garden for children to run and play freely, with trees and plants that will stimulate the imagination of the little ones in their games and, with a swimming pool for take some great dives while cooling off on the hottest days!
Be sure to get to know our project and we look forward to your visit!

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